Any rappers wear baseball jerseys? do they wear them without names and numbers, or with names an all that?

Question:hey wusup all, just wonderin if you see any famous rappers wearin baseball jerseys, an if they got them with a players name. you see any, link me up to a youtube vid if you got it. all i seen is basketball jerseys. lame, baseball is the real bball.

pce out


George Steinbrenner is?

not really baseball jerseys, more like basketball jerseys

DId any one meet a famous baseball player?

yea u just got to wait for big games like the plyoff games and stuff when rappers and others show up I saw some last year in the St.Louis vs. Mets Game 6 and 7

What section of AT&T Park does Barry Bonds hit most of his homeruns?

better question: do rappers actually play ANY baseball?

A true godsend for the sport would be to have some rappers, or somebody popular among the youth culture actually take up baseball.
Most black kids today are not playing baseball. they want to play football or basketball.

ESPN Baseball Question?

I can't think of any offhand, but I know <MC> Hammer was actually a Ball Boy for the Oakland A's back in the day when he was a kid. So there may be some older videos by him with some A's jerseys. Otherwise, I'd bet most only hit up the Yankee hats and that kind of stuff.

Good luck!

Where can i find the Randall Simon video where he clocks the hot dogs in Milwawukee?

I saw some rapper with a BIG PAPI jersey on MTV cribs. it all depends of who the player is. In Los Angeles a lot of cholos wear Dodger Jerseys and for the most part they are blank or have their names or their hood in the back.

What is wrong with the Blue Jays?

both things

How much does the Stanley Cup weigh? (in pounds)?

i really haven't thought about this question for long, but off of the top of my head i can remember Jermaine Dupri wearing a Braves jersey in the "Welcome to Atlanta" video. Nelly wearing a Cardinal's jersey in the "Batter Up" video. Young Jeezy wearing a Braves Jersey in multiple settings and Jay-Z wearing a Yanks jersey in "99 problems". So i would say yes, I've seen them wear them plenty of times.

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