Another Baseball Question From Me.?

i am 13 years old and weigh 155. I play for teener league and i am slightly slow but not that slow. can anyone help me or tell me how i can built SPEED? please help me


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Hey man,

I'm right around your age (a little older). When I was your age, I wasn't the fastest kid either. I know what your saying though; your not the slowest kid out there, but you want to pick up some speed and steal some bases. So I worked on using my whole body when running. Now, people tell me I'm just about the fastest outfielder on my school team (I'm not that good.)

When running, use your arms like a catapult almost. Pumping your arms will give you more power to run. Also, its not quickness you're looking for, but speed, so try to stretch your strides out longer.

Also, when taking your lead off first, take a good 3-1/2 (for rightys) to 2-1/2 (for leftys) strides. If you can, stretch it out enough so that you are as far can and get back to the base. This will enable you to get a better jump on the pitcher for stolen bases. Don't be afraid to get some dirt on your jersey either. =)

Hope I helped

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Do lots of running, laps. run a lap before, during and after practice, and do "wind sprints" or something like that. run from home to first, and stop and turn around, and sprint back to home, and then back to first and so on, for like 10 times.

When you run, run HARD, dont just jog. When you hit a grounder, glance out to the fielder about 2 steps out of the box, to see if he missed it, and if not, then put your focus on first base, and run as hard as you possibly can.

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Sorry, speed is hereditary (for the most part). If there's a proven way to build speed, or to jump high, well, I would be able to do both, and I would be in the NBA! Unfortunately, I do both very "average." By the way, you list your weight at 155. How tall are you? Overweight people can never run very fast! See your local high school track coach for some training tips. In my day, our coach had a bar attached to the back of his truck, and we ran while holding the bar (as the truck increased speed). Don't know if it really worked, but I certainly ran faster :-)

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lose some weight man... 13 and 155? you are either overweight or on roids. that should help you run faster.

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When I was in the Army we were taught that if you want to build up speed, do sprints. Long distance running won't help with speed, that only builds up stamina. Try doing suicide drills. That should help.

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Does your school have a track and field team? If so, ask the coach to help you with your speed and your quickness. They are two different things, and they are both needed.

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