A Rod HRS??

how come barry bonds hits 70 hrs in a year everyone says steroids and A Rod hits 15 in a month and nobody mentions steroids??


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With Barry Bonds everyone see's two different people, they see that skinny, base-stealing player he used to be with the Pittsburgh Pirates and the muscle-bound homerun machine he is now. Many people believe Bonds' transformation is due to steroids, but no one has come up with any evidence to prove it. A-Rod on the other hand has consistently averaged almost 40 homeruns since his 3rd year in the big leagues. A-Rod's physique has not changed much since he came up as a 19-year old in 1994, so the steroid talk has strayed away from him.

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Because overall, to me, A Rod is overall better than Barry Bonds. I do not believe A Rod takes steroids. So that must mean he is better

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because arod has always been this type of hitter for the most part. arod has been pretty consistent since he came into the league and we all new he had power from the start. Barry came into the league the size of a freakin toothpick and wasnt the power hitter he is today. If arod grew to the size of the incredible hulk, then there would be a question. But as for now, he is just on a crazy streak, and streaks will come to an end.

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Are you insane? Everytime someone does good there juiced up right? I will tell you what Arod is on.He is under all the pressure he gets whenever he walks on the field. He just worked hard in the off season and now it is paying off.
Barry Bonds is a loser and dont deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Arod. Working out doesnt make your head triple in size steroids does!

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Maybe because Bonds is a selfish, horrible, piss-poor garbage excuse of a human being. And don't even try to bring race into this. The man he's chasing is black too.

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because he always have been like this. and you can tell if he took steroids or not.


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As others have said, A-Rod has always been one of the best hitters in all of baseball. He was very frustrated and upset with his performance last year, especially in the playoffs, and he thus he really worked extra hard in the off-season and is much more relaxed at the plate. He has also stated that having Mientkevich at first has really calmed him down in the field because he knows he no longer has to try and make the "perfect throw" with such an excellent defensive firstbasemen.

So overall, he's just a lot more comfortable out there.

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Because there is no way he is on steroids. He has his head in the game this year.

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It's NOT because "A-Rod was always this good." Bonds was always this good too (He was hitting 30 hr per season as early as 1990). It's because of physique. Bonds bulked up from 185 his rookie season to 228 in 2003. A-Rod has always kept basically the same build (although he has gained some weight gradually over the years). He didn't get huge like Sosa, McGwire, and Bonds did from one year to the next.

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is totally different
everyone says steroids not just because 70 hrs

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