2006 Baseball SyYoung Award; who won it/?


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AL * Johan Santana
NL * Brandon Webb

Who would you rather have as your catcher ?

It's "Cy" Young Award and Brandon Webb won it in the NL and Johan Santana won it in the AL.

Trivia question?

AL- Johan Santana
NL- Brandon Webb

Who is the best defensive first baseman of all time?

u mean "CY" Young
Brandon Webb won it even though Brad Penny deserved it wayyyyyyyy more
and The great Johan Santana won it in AL

Can anybody show me some good techniques for pitching?

Sadly, no one was good enough to win the Sy Young Award in 2006.

But there were a couple of pitchers that still qualified to win the less-coveted Cy Young Award.

AL -- Johan Santana (MN)
NL -- Brandon Webb (AZ)

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