Anyone think A-rod gonna break 72 homeruns this season?

In my opinion as a a-rod fan he will. Way he is going now hell yea.


Who is a dodger fan?

Definitley I have no doubt in him..i mean look what he's done already he's on a roll. he is making me more proud everyday to be a Yankee fan. Its a shame that his team cant have good hitting and pitching to back up his success. GO A-ROD!! GO YANKEES!!

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Sure why not he's got like 13 already and how did you get 72?

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Why stop there? 74 would give him the record.

Why do you hate baseball?

He'll need 74 to break it.

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I think he'll have a good 50+ home run season but he'll slow down here soon, remember Andruw Jones last year?

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hes on track to hit 119 homeruns this season. he won't get that but i think he'll break the record

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He is not breaking the record. Even with the pace he's on right now, and he is on FIRE, he probably won't do it. 72 homers is a lot of f-ing bombs. MVP type season from him I'm sure, but I would be very surprised to see him break the record.

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Sure man, he is on a roll...too bad the team isn't backing him up with some good pitching and hitting...

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a rod is the best if he keeps this streak going he might even get more

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first of all, 73 is the highest seasonal home run total by Barry Bonds. And I think A-Rod has a good chance of breaking it

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I hope that he hits 74 home runs in this season.

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As a Giant fan, I think he'll hit 75 HR's.

As a baseball fan, I know he'll hit about 85-90. There's no stopping him from entering the 500 HR Club this season!

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really like where did 72 come from? 73 will only tie the record he need 74 to break and no he won't get it just because he has 14 already this month doesn't mean a thing look at Pujols he had 14 last year in April then an injury ened his chance at breakig it A - Rod will slow down soon and he fall short with about 39hrs.

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Except that 72 isn't enough. The pharmaceutically-inflated record is 73.

But he won't get to either number.

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First off the record is 73 set by Barry Bonds in 2001 and no he won't break the record he will lose his focus with the glove, then the bat will slide with it and yankee fans will hate him again.

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No because pitchers will get smart and stop giving him good pitches that he can take out of the park.

In a few years is Arod going to break the HR record set by BB?

To that guy above me, have you forgotten what line-up A-Rod is in? He's protected in front AND in back. He's going to break Roids Bonds' record and finally a squeaky clean hitter will hold a home run record thats not tarnished by Bay Area goodness.

I know its been said before, but contract year guys, he wants to get paid! How's that for some motivation Adrian Beltre style.

He didn't mention anything about the record, so lay off morons.

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I think hes the only offence the Yanks got and since there off to a terrible start id say 64 Homeruns and about 154 RBI

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