8U Girls Softball - How do I manage my game day roster to ensure every one gets a fair shot at each position?

Question:11 girls...10 positions (4 of).

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


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First, talk to your players. Some of them may not be interested in playing every position. Second, talk to the parents. Tell them what you hope to accomplish with the girls during the season and then ask what they would like the girls to accomplish. Hopefully winning is lower on the list. This might give you some insight on where and when to play the girls.

It's impossible to divvy out playing time evenly so reward the players who hustle and have a good attitude (good to mention this to both groups during your meetings).

Trying to switch every couple of innings might be tough for the girls as it takes time to settle in so try switching more on a game-by-game basis instead of inning-by-inning. This gives them time to make errors, learn, adjust, and come back to make a good play possibly on the same situation. Obviously you can't sit anyone for a whole game but try and limit the position moves while subbing.

Most of all, make sure they have fun...and you too!!

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write down the positions of all the girls and where else they play make like 3 different rosters and just swop out the girls each inning. But make sure you explain to them you have to give everyone a fair chance and that just b/c you are sitting out you are no worse or better then an other girl out there. Remember they are 8!

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