7 Ways to take a base?

How many can you name?


How often is Barry Bonds walked?

walk over to the base. Pick it up. Walk away.

How about them Brewers?

i can name them all dropped third strike walk single double triple hit by pitch u could count home run but u only tuch the bases not get on.

Question for Giants fans?

walk, single, double, triple, homerun, hit by pitch, reach on error

Does Ichiro speak English?

hit,walk,hit by pitch, error, fielders choice, dropped 3rd strike, catchers interference,A fair ball touches an umpire or a runner on fair territory before touching a fielder, if already on a base a balk. so 8 or 9.

well a steal if you are talking about taking any base

How many people do you think will ask a question about steroids and bonds homer tomorrow?

reach on error
fielders choice
hit by pitch
catcher interference
dropped 3rd srike
catching a ball in your hat
i got 8

Can you hurt your arm by throwing a curveball when your young?

1) walk
2) Hit by pitch
3) reached on error
4) dropped 3rd strike
5) catcher's interference
6) hit
7) fielder's choice

Are the yankees worth more than an nfl team?

hit by pitch
reach on error
fielders choice
dropped 3rd strike

Who here thinks that bonds doesnt deserve the chance to break aarons home run record?

A balk doesn't put the batter on base, it merely advances the runners.

Looks like a couple of folks got it right

1. hit
2. error
3. base on balls
4. hit by pitch
5. dropped third strike
6. catcher's interference
7. Fielder's choice

Will the Reds compete this year?

1. Base hit
2. Fielder's choice
3. Error
4. Hit batsman
5. Base on balls
6. Interference
7. Obstruction
8. Wild pitch (uncaught third strike)
9. Passed ball (uncaught third strike)

A batted ball that strikes a runner or an umpire that entitles the batter-runner to first base is a base hit.

A fielder's choice is NOT a hit.

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