About how fast should a 13 yr old pitcher be able to throw in baseball?

I would just like to know maybe a range.


How do you throw a splitter, curveball, and a cutter?

Every child grows at a different rate. Depending on his hieght, weight, and experience is a better way to measure a par level.

He should be topping out at around 65-70mph

Who are some MLB players who can stand to lose some weight ?

the average is about 60-65

The Yankees are the best team in the history of sports. Is A-rod the best player in the history of baseball?

im 14 turning 15 saturday and throw 73. thats considered pretty fast. it was 3rd fastest on our team. id say okay would be between 58-63 and over 65 would be above average. how fast do you throw?

Are there any left handed shortstops?

99 mph, lol. JKJK. probly 55-65

What are the major rule differences between baseball and slow-pitch softball?

62 or 63? not 61 or maybe 62.34?

Anyways, low 60's is good but accuracy is far more important.

Where can i mail a card to be autographed by Rick Sutcliffe(the baseball player)?

hey my bro just turned 13 and he throws 79-80 but i advise him not to

How will barry zito do as a giant?

about 50-60

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