Are any Red Sox fans really upset or worried about Roger Clemens going to the Yankees?

Question:Seriously, the guy is 44 years old, he has pitched the last 3 years in the National league, and he is only going to be there for 2/3 of the season. I think this whole thing is a joke, and for any Yankee fans who think you just improved your team dramatically by added an over the hill fifth starter, then the jokes on you. HA HA HA! I love this stuff!!

While the Red Sox are playing baseball in October, the Yankees will be playing golf. Sounds fun, but not as much fun as October baseball. Good Luck, your're gonna need it!!


So is the SOX game canceled today or what?

yeah hes old, not too worried about it, the red sox have younger pitching and in my opinion better pitching so i dont thin it will really matter.

Will the Kansas City Royals be dumb again and trade away their young superstars, or be smart and keep them?

A little disappointed, but that's it. Time to move on.

Is this a hit..?

I'm a Yankee fan and I'm REALLY excited to see the Rocket come back!

Take a look and tell me if you think this player should be in the hall of fame?

I am not worried as long as they keep their bullpen as weak as it is there are no worries. Even when they get a quality start like they did last night from their young kid their bullpen is always their to blow it. I am not worried about Clemens for a number of reason, he is coming off of a mediocre season in the National League where there batting orders are weaker, he doesn't seem serious since the day after signing what was he doing? Getting ready to come back? Nope, he spent yesterday playing golf! Their starting pitching isnt their biggest problem, it is their bullpen, I am not worried at all about the Yankees.

Who thinks a-rod is on steroids?

Having Clemens on the Yankees not only give them another pitcher in the rotation but another great leader for the clubhouse. I don't think the Red Socks should be worried. Their players can handle the pressure. Unless multiple players on the Red Socks gets hurt at once, they should be able to make a run at the title.

Roger making $1M per week is great for him though. Not many people can pull off that contract.

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I love how Red Sox fans are justifying to themselves that it's no big deal that they didn't get the Rocket. You know dam well that they would loved to have had him in their rotation. I'm just a poor Phillies fan so I can look at this objectively. Why is there so much hatred from Boston? It's so bad it's sick. For that reason alone I could never be a Red Sox fan.

What do you think of this trade, Alfonso Soriano/Chris Ray for Jeff Francoeur/Brandon Webb.?

It's not that big of a deal. The Yankees pitching staff has pitched very well as of late and Clemens has nothing to do with it.

If Andy Pettitte is a starting pitcher, why is he reliving?

The Red Sox have a very strong rotation that is going strong so I don't see them too worried

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