Acknowledging Bonds?

These people want to praise bond's and what he did and he's so great and all this garbage, then how come one of the most stand up guys ever in baseball that being Hank Arron won't even give credit or be there when he breaks the record. Why is that ?


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barry bonds should be ban for life and not allowed to get in the hall of fame

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Because he's probably torn. It took a lot of work to get there but then Bonds comes out and talks smack about how people look down on him for being black, which upset Hank. So, he decided to do nothing, for now, which I can't really blame him for doing that.

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Bonds is no more of a cheat than the other steroid users of the 90's.he is just taking the blame bc he is a great player who is breaking records..Do you think we would care about Bonds if he was an average player?...nope not at all.

WHY in baseball do they call a double play 6 4 2? or something like that?

If he would just be courtious to the media for one week people would like him..He comes off as an arrogant puke and thats how he is betrayed. He is a cocky jerk but a hell of a baseball player -- scratch that..---hitter...he cant move so good no more.

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Hank Aaron has privately told people that a big part of him doesn't want to see the record broken.

Aaron was a very quiet, dignified guy in the majors who took a lot of unfair criticism when he played and played in a Southern city during a time of very high racial tensions.

To him, the home run record is all he has left. Willie Mays is loved in San Francisco and New York; and his outgoing personality made sure that he'd have a lot of friends.

In contrast, Aaron never received much publicity, and people criticized him for never having a 50 HR season. His only world title came with a team that's barely remembered (the Milwaukee Braves). So Aaron may feel that his mark left on the game is fast eroding whereas his peers are still remembered because their franchises are still based in their respective cities or because the media loved them.

Plus, Aaron once annointed Ken Griffey Jr. as the man who would break his all-time HR record (before Griffey's perennial hammy problems). And Bonds' personality is drastically different from Griffey's.

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Aaron knows precisely what Bonds is and what Bonds has always been. And that has never been a person to be the least bit admired, something that has worsened considerably in the last 10 years.

Some peoiple simply want to blind themselve to the truth. Aaron is not one of them.

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I love Hank Aaron even more now! I plan on not watching ESPN (though I don;t watch much now) when Bonds get within 2 or so home runs. They will try to turn it into the greatest baseball moment of all time (at least until the Yankees play the Red Sox again - they seem to think that when these two teams meet that it is the World Series) and will expect all of us to love and respect Bonds then. But I have no respect for the head growing in size HGH user.

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Gee, ya think maybe he doesn't want his record broken? Maybe he's tired of answering questions about it? Maybe he just doesn't care? All he said was he isn't about to jump on a plane just to see Bonds break his record. It's not like there's any way to know for sure which game that will be, and I'm sure Hank has better things to do, than go to every game once Bonds gets close. I never saw anything that said Aaron won't give Bonds credit for breaking the record. If Hank is such a stand-up guy, of course he will give credit where credit is due.

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Because Bonds has soiled his own reputation, and Hank Aaron, one of the greatest and most honest of all ball players, does not want to associate his name with Bonds. I think that takes guts on Aaron's part. He is just a class act.


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Because Aaron is nothing but a little crybaby!!
Aaron isn't half the man Bonds is! Bonds was man enough to say he hope A-rod breaks his home run record!

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