Agree with this or not?

Do you think that had Bonds not had the year he did setting the single season home run record, that there would have been no talk about Sosa, Big Mac and the others being on steroids? Don't get me wrong - I feel all these three are / were users, but there was no buzz about it until we noticed Bond's numbers, including how he now looked like the Hulk. Is Bond's responsible for recent players being looked at with a suspect eye?


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I agree.

I think the talk really began when a reporter noticed andro in McGwire's locker during the season he broke the HR record in '98. But McGwire was likable.

Sports Illustrated's story about Ken Caminiti's steroid use in June of '02 really started the talk about steroid use. The fact that it was happening the same year that MLB and the Players Association were renegotiating (with the threat of another players' strike) also ignited talk because Selig wanted steroid testing, which the players assn. refused to allow until public pressure forced them to give in.

Then Congress (specifically John McCain) looked at MLB's drug-testing and found it to be a joke. Then Jose Canseco wrote his book.

This whole thing snowballed due to a lot of things happening, and I don't think it matters who the players are.

But you have to admit that this really started the year after Bonds broke the record. Though you could say that it was ridiculous that a HR record that lasted 37 years (and 34 years before that) was broken only 3 years later. That also could have contributed to the public scrutiny.

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I think that is correct but it still isn't getting enough attention, especially on former players.

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No. People were talking about steroids when it was so obvious that McGwire and Canseco were using them.

Why blame Bonds? He has never even tested positive.

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No, I don't think that Bond's season, stats or appearance were the reason that baseball and it's fans took a more in depth look at McGuire, Sosa, Pujols, or Canseco. I think that if he were the ONLY one who had an overly -productive, record-setting season, then the others may not have been looked at as closely. I think that the other players you mentioned in your question all had great success at the plate, and anytime someone is excelling VERY well in any sport, interest, and suspicions grow.
I believe Bonds is a cowardly liar, and that he knowingly tried to, and succeeded at CHEATING in one of the most glorified games in American history, and he may just succeed in tying or even breaking one of the most coveted records in all of sports; the All-Time Home Run Champion. Bonds puts a scar on MLB and professional sports as a whole. It saddens me to see children wearing Bonds jerseys, and not knowing that their hero of a slugger is just the product of scientific and anabolic research and falseness.

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It was only a matter of time before baseball looked at this trend anyway. A lot of professional sports have policies regarding performance-enhancing substances, and it would be wrong for such a major sport to simply turn a blind eye to the issue.

MLB may not have delved into the subject when they did had it not been for Bonds' single-season record, but I believe they would have addressed it at some point.

Either way, the guy is a talented athlete, but if someone like F. Landis has his Tour de France title stripped because of 'roid accusations, no way should B. Bonds be credited with the HR title.

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No, Canseco is responsible. The scrutiny Bonds is under comes from the fact he has treated people badly over the years. People figured he was using and went after him, unlike the other gentlemen who were perceived as nice guys.

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It’s Funny, Big Mac was always flirting with the record for homeruns he would have 50 by September and then nothing in September. Sammy I always though was the whole Wrigley Field thing, With Bonds he was always 30 home runs a little more here a little less there but 30 home runs. Then he bulked up and hit 73 home runs that’s when it was like where did he come from. That is the only thing I can think of. Side note I hated Bonds as a player on Pittsburg and when he moved to the Giants.

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I agree. If Bonds didnt have the year he did, the steroids stuff will still be under wraps. Bud Selig and MLB wouldnt be forced to take a tougher stance on steroids and they could continue to keep quiet about steroids. I think MLB has a tougher steroids policy because they are afraid of bad publicity and pressure from Congress.

I dont think those three were the only users in the history of baseball. I think there is a chance that any player, from the start of baseball-present, could have used any performance enhancing drugs because looking for an edge over somebody else is part of human nature.

Bonds has never been tested positive for anything but amphetamines, so i dont know why people are accusing him for taking steroids. He did say that Anderson told him that the things he got were supposed to help him with his joints and stuff.

I think Bonds is partially responsible, but MLB is also responsible because MLB was kind of quiet before this Bonds accusation. Cheating has been in baseball for a long time. It didnt start with this scandal. People are accusing him of cheating and I just want to say that if he did cheat, he probably isnt the only player in baseball within the same time frame to do so and he certainly isnt the only person in the past, present and future to do so.

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i don't think it was the home run record alone, as much as it was the record and then his subsequent connection to the balco grand jury trial...if he was never publicly implicated in this trial and/or charged with lying to a grand jury, then we would never be talking about the steroid issue and we would have softer penalties and less publicity for those who used

also, there were other incidents which triggered conversation, most notably mcgwire admitting to using andro, baseball players being called to capitol hill(most importantly rafael palmeiro wagging his finger at congress before testing positive), jose canseco's book which accuses players of steroid use, and perhaps the most important of them all, "game of shadows" which details bonds' supposed steroid use

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I love Barry but everything about him stands out his stats, his intimidation on opposing teams, and most important his name in the media. Media hates him so the media writes things about him. Is it really Bonds' fault no way he doesn't choose what people say it's the writers that make up the stories. He is just a great player with a bad rep and writers who are either jealous or just mad at bonds for not being interviewed are going to say things that are blown out of proportion.

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