Albert Pujols?

How many homeruns do you think albert will get this season?


Why was the little interlocking "NY" removed from the left side of the NY Mets logo?

Mid 40's to low 50's... It's always concievable that he could be a threat for 60+... I just hope it NEVER comes out that he is or has juiced. He's awesome to watch...and this is coming from an Astros fan... AND yes, I remember what he did to Brad Lidge... Lidge still hasn't full recovered from that... But, I'm def. also a Pujlos fan. The Cards. and the Astros are always fun series to watch.

What is the record for HR and RBI's in a single month?


Does defense out weigh offense? hall of fame!?

He was on a crazy pace last year to hit over 70 home runs untill he got injured for a month I believe.

So I say 61.

Who is sick of hearing about Barry Bonds?


If a guy hits into a force out (the guy hits a groundball in which the guy at 1st base who is running to 2nd?

Probably 50.

How old was babe ruth when he died??


Third strike, catcher drops ball scoring?

53 home runs.

I need your help, i have a signed baseball w/ last name Mc.?


Should the Houston Chronicle repost their RIP sign...?

Pujols is awesome! I hope he gets to play the entire season and not get hurt or anything. I say he'll get 58 HRs.

Youngest team in majorr league baseball?

I look for AP to Bash 54

Old Tiger Stadium?

I hate Pujols. But he might hit close to 50.


Barry Bonds Legacy?

Albert Pujols possibly the BEST player in the game today will hit close to 65 HR's this season if he can stay off the DL.

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