Anyone know why the Pittsburgh Pirates radio and tv announcers...?

take turns doing both the games on TV and the radio calls, they have like 6 guys doing everything, there is no chemistry built when all these guys are being used. What's up with this?


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The take turns to give the fans different voices (sort of speak). They try to keep it fresh by switching. Unlike the Pens they just use Paul and Bob on TV and Mike and Phil on radio. Pens fans rather have Mike on TV. But with the Pirates it doesnt really matter except Lanny and Steve are the best. The thing with Steve is that he is semi retired and only does home games. He does not travel away cause he stays home to be with his family.

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ok they do that becuz they are very sexxxi do not hate babe. pittsburgh is the best city ever so plz do not try to say they r not and absoluotly nothing is wrong wit the way they do things!!

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I guess they just like to mix things up. I'm a Pirates fan and I think they have too many guys doing it. I would prefer it just be Steve and Lanny doing the tv games because I think they're much better than the other guys.

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Vin Scully and Ross Porter used to take turns with the radio play by play and TV for the Dodgers during certain innings. But they obviously didn't have 6 guys rotating. That is weird, yeah. Maybe they're trying to see who will work the best?

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No particular reason - I think they just like the variety of working with different partners and in different media. FYI, there are five total announcer:

Lanny Frattare - play by play
Greg Brown - play by play
Bob Walk - color commentary
Steve Blass - color commentary, home games only
John Wehner - color commentary, road games & home game backup

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