Why Dontrelle Wayne Willis,a florida marlin pitcher,is called as “D-train”?


Pitcher!! Got some tips!?

Pitchers who throw hard have been named after trains for a long time, going back at least to Walter Johnson (The Big Train) and Christy Mathewson (Bix Six, the nickname of a railroad engine), and continuing through Nolan Ryan (Von Ryan's Express, actually a movie about a train, but so it goes).

There actually are D-Trains on some subway systems, including New York's (A-Trains also, which is where the Ellington song comes from), and there aren't any W-Trains that I know of, so . . . well, there you go.

Anyone see angels-red sox today?

when he get the ball going he can't be stop nothing but foward motion.

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Well, he throws hard, and his name starts with the letter "D." And once upon a time, there was a very popular song called "Take the 'A' Train" by Duke Ellington. It was long ago, but every once in a while, some older sports writer will drag it out to tag on some player. I think a couple years ago, Anthony Thomas, the running back who was with the Bears then was being called "The 'A' Train."

Roger Clemens?

Because it's his knickname,I don't think there's a real reason..someone just thought it'd be cute to call him that.the train part is just adapted because he's a great pitcher..and a train is,i guess you can say unstoppable.

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Cause once he gets rolling, he is like a speeding locomotive, no stopping him.

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its his nick name

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