Any chance of Jose Reyes ending up with 100 stolen bases this year?

He's the best base stealer I've seen in a long time.


Do you hate baseball?

Remember, Rickey Henderson is coaching him this year. He is a step and a half faster to second base this year using the technique provide by Rickey, and Rickey guaranteed 100 stolen bases this year for Reyes. He is off to a great start so who are we to doubt Rickey?

Rosters in MLB 07 the Show?

Unlikely. He would have to go everytime he is on first base with no one one second. And he would have to start stealing third. Maybe he will some time in his carrier but not this year.

Cole Hamels, Could he possibly be a Cy Young candidate?

There is a outside chance. I believe he has 26 stolen bases
as of last night. The Mets have played a little over 1/4 of the season. Therefore , if you expand that out he can get close.It really depends how the NL East plays out. If the Mets run away he may not play everyday in Sept. But>>>>>>>>>>>>

Will the angels game tonight be rained out?

Hope so. He has the talent. Just has to avoid the injuries.

How many people love the Yankees?

That is a little bit of a stretch, im thinking he could steal about 60 at the end of the season, he is leading the legue in stolen bases and is one of the fastest guys in the MLB.

Barry Bonds?

As a guy who gets to watch Reyes nearly everyday, its possible, but I dont think so. I say he's gonna get around 80 this season being that he has 26 already.

Aren't you tired of the bandwagon Brewer fans?


Cardinals baseball??

I would not doubt it for a minuite. He already has 26? somthing like that. He will certainly get close. he has the youth and speed and the attitude to be sucessful.


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