Anyone know how much a baseball signed by yogi Berra,and whitey ford would be worth now?

I know it is authentic, and it has the name of another yankee on it too, but no one in my family has ever figured out who it is.


Is it just me, or is the run production in MLB waaaay down so far this season? What's the deal?

depends on if someone is looking for it when you're ready to sell. i looked on ebay and the highest price one with those autographs went for $125

Baseball question?

Honestly, lots of these older autographs have little value if there not graded and scored. It cost a little money to do this but if you take the time to have it graded and scored it could be the difference of a couple hundred to more than twice. As a avid collector, I have bought Yogi's auto on a baseball ungraded for about $100. If its graded, than I have seen it from $200-500 auctioned

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Those two would be around the same price. I'd say around 300-500 bucks... maybe higher even.

Baseball: Why is it shot from the right?

I'd say about $300.00. And you know what else is cool? My name is Luke too and we have matching avatars. Awesome.

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