A sidearm pitching question?

I am 16 and a sidearm pitcher. does anyone know if i would be able to throw a raiser? I keep experimenting with grips and wrist movements but i cant get it,


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Have you always thrown sidearm or is this a style introduced to you by a coach? Are you lefty or righty. sidearm pitchers can gain great speed with the sidearm technique but I have seen a lot of younger guys taught to throw sidearm and then they throw there arms out forever. Be careful if you have a good arm. It's not worth a bit of speed to possibly loose your arm in a year or two and coaches sometimes encourage you so they look good and you pay in the end.

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It depends on how low your delivery is and how tall you are. More than likely the ball will have more of a cut fastball or change up effect. It just not worth the effort in baseball pitchers mound is to far away and any miss on location = HOMERUN!!

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I'm not sure if spin would help you. Curveballs go down with top spin, so you would want backspin fo rthe ball to rise.

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The "Rising" fastball actually does not rise. It just does not drop as much as the hitter would expect on its natural plain. Therefore, it Appears to rise.

Didn't catch that? That's okay, most people don't even after research.

First off, if you are throwing sidearm, you most likely have some natural movement on the ball and don't realize it.

Second off, you are 16, don't stress over it. You don't throw fast either. My recomendation, if you still have some growing to do, you shouldn't play around with spins too much. Instead, if you want to throw a curve, throw the ball as you would a football and DONT snap your wrist. This can make for a very effective curve/slider.

Since you throw very slow, players will most likely tee off on you if all you have is straight pitches. Therefore, you should fool them with a knuckleball, circle change-up, or a 2 Seam Change up. Why do that when you throw so slow to begin with? Because if you can master a good change up to go over at say 50 MPH, and then come back with your fastball at 60 MPH, no matter how locked in, they won't know what to expect.

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