6.In Major League Baseball, who has the most career home runs without ever playing in a World Series?

Kind of curious...


Do yankees buy fans?

That will be Sammy Sosa. The cubs have never reached the WS since 1946. Baltimore didn't do it the year he was there.
1989 he was with Texas but finished with the white sox that didn't do it. 1990 and 1991 also with the white sox, that didn't reached then either.

Here's to Milwaukee?

Fat's O'brien with the old Red Stockings.

No hitter loss?

micheal jordan

Why was Paul DePodesta fired by the Dodgers?

Barry Bonds!

Whats the most important thing in taking ground balls?

it's not bonds(played in 2002)

I'm going with Ken Griffey

I'm not sure if he played in a world series though. He's my best guess

North Chicago Residents-Where do you recommend parking on the street for free on a Sunday Cubs game?

Right now, it's Sosa (595) -- but he's playing well enough that I could see him getting traded later this year to a contender, so he might wind up playing in late October. Could happen.

Second, Palmeiro (569) -- a comeback is possible but highly unlikely.

Third, Griffey (564) -- and at this point, I don't think he ever will see the World Series. But he's an active player, so the opportunity is still there.

Among definitely concluded careers where there's no chance of Series play, it's Banks (512). Poor Mr. Cub.

In the 90's there was an outfielder who kicked the ball back into the infield in frustration. Who was it?

ill go with hank aaron.

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