Angels Baseball?

What do you think about our new players? What do you think our strengths and weaknesses are? We've already won the freeway series against the Dodger (and we know the Angels are a better team), who do you think we should be concerned about on our way to win the WORLD SERIES this year?


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I think we should have kept Erstad, Kennedy, Eckstein, and Benjie. I mean our players are playing good, but I, personally, think (coming from a HARCORE Angel fan) that we won't do as well as we want to.

Our team has too many new players, they have to know how to play together.

That's why we didn't go far last year. We kept switching players so our team didn't know how to play together.

But we're holding strong right now.

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Well, I'm a mets fan so ill say this with absolutely no bias.
You guys arent gonna make the playoffs. Colon will have to have a great comeback year in order to support weaver.
The A's are gonna take the division and go to the WS behind Haren and Harden.
You guys have a great closer in krod and you have one of the best ofs in Guerrero, but it still isnt enough in my mind.

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they won the preseason freeway season and their offense will sputter and the A's have just a little bit more than the angel, if the a's can stay get healthy. What your teams name and where do they play.

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