1955 bowman mickey mantle card has the wrong birthdate on the back,?

does bowman make one from 1955 with the correct birthday?


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no to tell more it is not a misprint all of them are the same. The card is valuable because it is a 55 mantle not anything to do with birthdate. Price will very based off of condition. Absolutely do not put the card in a plastic airtight bag...lol You probably got it protected already but if not get a 50 cent holder and put it in to protect corners and from bending. Good luck and i hope this helps more.

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KEEP THAT CARD---hopefully it is in good condition----it should be worth a LOT of money---misprints usually are. there are places to look. Right now on EBAY, that card is selling at up to $375 and the bidding isn't over yet.. Oh very important---the longer you keep a card (IN GOOD CONDITION) the more it is worth----put it away in some airtight bag and put it somewhere where it won't wrinkle crease or get damaged..

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