Are all runs after an error on last batter in a game unearned?

Behind 2 to 0 with 2 out in the bottem of the 9th inning the batter strikes out but the catcher doesn't catch the ball, allowing the batter to reach first base. The team proceeds to tie the score. Two innings later in the bottem of the 11th the leadoff batter homers. Are all 3 runs unearned?


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In any inning, when there are two out and the batter-runner reaches on an error, any subsequent runs in the inning are unearned. This applies only to that inning.

As far as errors affecting whether or not a run is earned, every inning is a clean slate.

One more thing. Under the scenario that you created above, there is no error. This is a strikeout credited to the pitcher, along with either a wild pitch or a passed ball, allowing the batter to reach base safely. If this is ruled a wild pitch, that run and any subsequent run in the inning is earned. If it's ruled a passed ball, it's initially unearned, but can become an earned run if there are sufficient types and quantities of hits, walks, etc after that event so that the batter-runner would have scored no matter what.

The concept of wild pitches and of passed balls is simply there to recognize the fact that pitchers and catchers handle the ball more than do any other player, and this way they are not charged with more frequent errors. They are described in detail in 10.13 of the rulebook, and ruled on by the official scorer.

I'm giving you links to the rulebook, as well as to some other sites that give some definitions, etc. All of them will help you to understand these differences and other situation as well.

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Not in this scenario. All runs scored in the same inning after an error that would have constituted the third out are unearned. Regardless of the fact that it would have ended the game, the earned/unearned tally starts anew in each subsequent inning, even if they're extra innings.

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That seems to me like it would be scored as a strike out-passed ball on the catcher. I dont think that would necessarily be an error. Now if the catcher had thrown to first base, but over threw and the ball wound up in the outfield that would be an error. Only the 2 runs in the 9th inning would be considered unearned. The walkoff HR would be an earned run.

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No, just the 2 runs that scored in the 9th are unearned. Only runs scored in individual innings as a result of an error, or what should have been the 3rd out IN THAT INNING, are unearned. For the 3rd run to qualify as unearned, the batter would have had to reach base via error, score as a result of an error, or score after what should have been the 3rd out in that inning. Unearned runs cannot carry over from one inning to another, even if they are scored in extra innings.

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Only the runs that scored that inning (after the 3rd out should have been recorded) would be unearned. Any runs scored in future innings would not automatically be unearned. So...those 2 runs in the 9th would be unearned, but the run in the 11th would be earned.

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