Anyone know whats up with all the day games for the Red Sox this month?

Question:I was just looking at the schedule, and noticed there are quite a few day games. (during the week) I dont remember there being that many before. Good thing Im not working right now!

By the way, yes I know we lost horribly to KC yesterday. It was only one game!


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most teams in the northern half of the country [ without domes] usually play more day games early in the season so everyone does not freeze in the 20-30 degree weather at night

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If the game is in Fenway, it is because it is still likely to snow in Boston.

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MLB wanted to have more day games this year to accomodate teams that have to travel far.

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It's all about tv. Nobody is televised nationally more than the Yankees and Red Sox so I'm sure it's due to ESPN or FOX wanting to broadcast their games during the afternoon. Day games are very common in the first month of the season anyway, it's always been that way.

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every team has a lot of day games in the begining of the year. it is usually like that every season.

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Generally the Red Sox have a good amount of day games at the beginning on the series. Later on, you won't see too many. Just one or two in there for the middle of summer. It's all weather though. It's still really cold here at night. Also, teams are traveling. During the summer when it's 90 in Boston midday they are less likely to want to play. People want to be comfortable at the park. Probably also helps the TV ratings.

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