Adam Dunn?

Does Adam Dunn have a shot at 755?


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yes, because if he leaves cincy he will hit DH and that will cause him to be a better HR hitter even then. but he will never hit a .270 BA.

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Yeah, if he keeps batting like yesterday.

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Dunn is around 27 right now, turning 28after this season. He's right around 200 career home runs right now, meaning to get to 755, he'll have to hit another 555 or so. Now let's say he plays till 42 (and that's assuming a close to best-case scenario since most players play until younger, but he's a very solid player). That'd give him another 15 or so years to get there. Take 555 divided by 15, and we're looking at an average of about 37 HRs a year. Can he do this? Of course he can because he's already averaged this, the last few seasons, but two more factors will need to come into play.

1) He'll need to stay healthy without missing seasons or having his career shortened due to injury.
2) He'll need to stay consistent as his power can't drop off.

So can he do it? It's absolutely possible. Hank Aaron didn't do it with yearly Home Run totals much higher than Dunn's. He was just remarkably consistent, and that's what made him so special.

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if he keeps on hitting homers alot he will have a chance man i was watching that game yesterday and man that was a very good game adam dunn is very goood

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It's a little soon to predict, he just hit number 200, but I would say if he stays healthy and learns to not strike out 200 times a year he most definately could hit 755 homers. Look 2 outfield spots over, the new RF for the same Cincinnati Reds, Ken Griffey, Jr. He should be right there with Bonds challenging Hank Aaron's homerun record but injury after injury has derailed his chances of breaking the record, so you never know what could happen. Lets see where Dunn stands in 5 or 7 or 10 years, then we can try and predict how many he could end up hitting when all is said and done.

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Dont think he can. Its too many home runs over too many years.

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Hitting that many HR's isn't really about power, but more about longevity. Can Dunn average 37 HRs per year for a career? Yes, that could easily happen. However, doing it for 15 more years is next to impossible. Other than Hank, the Babe and (the enhanced) Barry, the next closest is (I believe) Mays around 660 and that is almost a hundred shy! Dunn is a great hitter and I am not saying it is impossible, but the likelihood of him hitting 35 dingers yearly after age 35 is very low.

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yes...he is a beast and has the power to do it. if he continues to stay helathy and play consitantley he will get it with no problem.

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755 strikeouts?
he could probably reach that in three seasons

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