All-Time Best Homerun Hitters?

Give me your top five HR guys of all-time


What Age Is Good To Put My Son In Little League (Baseball)?

1. Hank Aaron. There are only two guys on his level.
2. Josh Gibson. Greatest home run hitter of all time (Negroe Leagues). Hit over 800 in his career.
3. Babe Ruth. And he was originally a pitcher.
4. Willie Mays. The only knock on him is he is Barry's Godfather.
5. Ken Griffy Jr. This guy would be the one knocking on 755 if he had been consistantly healthy.

Should sammy sosa be put in the hall of fame?

im not including anyone on juice
hank aaron #1 on all time nuff ced
ortiz he doesnt have many homers but just wait hes got a lotta promise
a-rod even though i hate him
ryan howard hes got promise too
ted williams along with homers best hitter in general PERIOD joe dimaggio got nothing on teddy ballgame

Clemens and his huge ego?

maris, mantle, ted williams, ruth, aaron, schmidt,pujols

Has this ever happened...?

Hank Arron
Babe Ruth
Willie Mays
Frank Robinson
Ken Griffey

I don't think I missed anyone important.

Who had the second best batting average during Joe Dimaggio's 56 game hit streak?

Barry bonds
Willie Mays (He would have 900 Homeruns if it wasn't for the ind at Candlestick Park)
Hank Aaron
Babe Ruth
Alex Rodriguez

Whens MLB Slugfest 2007 coming out?

hank arron, babe ruth, jackie robinson, barry bonds, and willie mays

Why is Hank Aaron considered great?

1. Babe Ruth
2. Hank Aaron
3. Prince Fielder (not yet, just wait)
4. Willie Mays
5. A-rod

Does anybody else see how OVERRATED Jose Reyes is?

All Time Best
1. Hank Aaron -- he's currently the king
2. Barry Bonds -- steroids or not, one of the best ever...soon to be the king
3. Babe Ruth -- cannot have a HR list without the Babe
4. Willie Mays -- great all around player, amazing swing, arguable one of the best
5. Mark McGwire -- performance enhancers? steroids? who cares, the guy was a fricken monster, his popups were homers...he also holds the record for HR per AB ratio

Who's the player with the most hits who is not in the hall of fame?

Hank Aaron
Babe Ruth
Willie Mays
Frank Robinson
Harmon Killebrew
Ken Griffey
Reggie Jackson
Mike Schmidt
Mickey Mantle
Jimmy Foxx

Top ten not including those involved in steroid problems

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