2 types of fastballs?How should they be thrown?

Fast Fastball and a Hard fastball (heavy). My coach throws a fastball at me about 80 but its very heavy when I catch it. Normal fastball is just quick. Hows this possible?


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The heavy fastball is a sinker, normally thrown with only two seams catching air currents. This pitch is held with the index and middle fingers the length of the "narrow" seams of the ball.

The fastest pitch is a 4-seam fastball with the index and middle fingers across the round part of the seams with the tips of the fingers on the seams to get a tighter spin on the pitch. This pitch has 4 seams catching the air currents holding the ball higher.

Some call this a rising fastball----physics does not allow the ball to really rise, but because it does not sink as fast it looks as if the ball is rising as it approaches the plate.

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There are many fastballs, from the four-seamer and two-seamer, to the cut, split finger and sinking fastball.

I assume the 'heavy' fastball is a sinker (the speed is consistant), while the 'fast' fastball is likely a four-seamer.

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It goes a little into the physics of pitching.

The cross (4)-seamer stays straight and keeps the same momentum and is the pure POWER pitch. The two-seamer has an aerodynamic tail that forces the ball to tail AND sink at the same time. This movement slows the momentum, but makes the pitch harder to hit because of the last second explosion.

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