About Bonds.?

Will he play another season? How many home runs will he finish his career with? Can he possibly get to 800?


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hey, i appreciate barry until proof is solid! as for him hitting 800,, look on how many walks he has gotten the last 7 years! right now he should be going for 825,,,but barrys record wont last long.. Alex will end up hitting more then barry, just my opinion, so to your answer , yes if barry wants 800 he can achieve it

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He's getting old (42 now), but at the rate that he's pumping out homers, I can't see him stopping any time soon. Plus, all the 'roids he's taking should keep him going a little longer. I would not be surprised if he hit 800 homers by the time he retires.

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He'd have to play another year, at least, to reach 800.
I'm thinking he'll probably call it quits after this year, unless he wants to DH for some AL team.

He'll probably finish the year with 770 or so.

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He will not play another season because I'm gonna kill his steroid taking *** if he gets and closer to Hank Aaron's record. He definitely won't hit 800 because his career is ruined without syringes and steroids coming out of his ***.

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I hope not. I hope less than Aaron. If he stays and continues to juice over the next 4 years, yeah, he could.

How soon will Bonds Break the record ?

No!! Getting to old and fight injuries. This will be last year. He will hit 777 homer for his career not 800. His record will never be broken.

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i hope his head blows up when he gets down to one needed

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he'll keep playing so A-Rod won't be able to pass him, I'm guessing 2 more years. then there sahra hara oh the japanese player who hit 800 somethin homers, maybe he'll try to break that and get the most all time. I'm guessing he'll try to and probably succeed unless baseball does the right thing and gets him out of there.

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he should play until he decides he should stop. as for his steroids issues, prove it and then strip him of the title. i like 825 as a finish.

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I really thought this would be his last season, but Clemens has changed that philosophy. If Clemens can get $4.5 million per month for a partial season, then Baroid should be able to get even more for his "I can't play a day game after a night game" mentality.

How anyone making $__ million a season (to be off for 1/2 the calendar year) can say they "can't" play two days in a row is beyond me. But then again, that's probably why the Giants were the only ones willing to offer a contract to the loser. If he would actually run out the balls he hits to the wall instead of walking like it was a HR (and getting a long base hit out of it) and learned to do a sprint once a millenium in the OF, I might actually have an ounce of respect for the Clear Boy.

I hope he gets hurt when he is 1 HR short of Aaron and retires. It'd be appropo and make so many people happy.

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Cheater!Bonds deservs to be stripepd of all of his records.

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barry bonds should be ban for life and not allowed in the hall of fame.

Are you going to acknowledge Barry Bonds as the home run king?

i say he goes one more year after this, and probably falls just a little shy of 800 home runs...he still has it in him to be a very productive hitter but doesn't play enough games to get to the 800 milestone...and eventually, the years will take a toll on him, with or without the steroids

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WHAT! That cheating S.O.B. should have been banned by now. Truly DOES NOT deserve the oppotunity to play. He'll be done. MLB will let him break the record and he'll walk out from there. It's WRONG but MLB top suits don't have the balls to do the right thing. Such a shame.

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If Bonds holds up and stays healthy, he'll definately play another 2-3 years. Will he? Probably not. He's still in search for a championship to go along with his HR record. And if he does play for another three years, then 800 HRs doesn't seem that far away. If he puts up about 25 home runs avg. for the next two years, I'm sure 800 is a number he wouldn't mind achieving.

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