A GoOd TeAm?

I am a huge dbacks fan and if u ask me the pitching looks great. They got Brandon Webb, Livan Hernandez, Doug Davis, and a spot for a young pitcher. Can't forget Randy Johnson who will do better because he is out of the New York pressure. Also the lineup is great with O-Dawg, and Byrnes. Also the young guys on the team Stephen Drew, Carlous Quinton, Chad Tracy, Conor Jackson, Chris Young, and Scott Hairston will be great. And for the future Justin Upton. Tell me is this team going to be great this year, and years to come.


Why do some mlb teams have last names on jerseys and some don't?

I see them making the playoffs. They will just barely beat the Padres in the west. But, sorry I have them losing in the first round. Next year, 2nd, then finally maybe, 3 years from now making the world series but losing to the INDIANS!!!!
GO TRIBE!!!!!!!!!...

What ever happen to Chris Sabo?

I assume you are talking about on X-Box and not real life.


no its sucks

How great would it be if we could go just one day...?

Not gonna make the playoffs, but they're getting better.

Answer this question right?

They have a shot but this isn't their year.Next year,as long as they don't make any bad trades,I can see thme winning that division with their young and improved team.

How can I tell if my Easton Cnt is dead?


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