Answer for Kevin H "ask the umpire"?

Question:I accidentaly deleted my answer when I was trying to add to it.
According to rule 2.00 of the official major league rulebook

"Rule 2.00 (Force Play)
Example: Not a force out. One out. Runner on first and third. Batter flies out. Two out. Runner on third tags up and scores. Runner on first tries to retouch before throw from fielder reaches first baseman, but does not get back in time and is out. Three outs. If, in umpire’s judgment, the runner from third touched home before the ball was held at first base, the run counts. "

So the umpires ruling was incorrect and a lot of people have also been incorrect in answering your question.


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Well someone agrees with me =]

When are these players due back from injury?

I disagree. It is a continuous play situation. The runner at first is not safe until he gets back to first base, therefore the play is not over.

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