"In the park HRs" and "out the park HRs"?

When a player hits a HR it is counted towards his career HR total. If the same players hits an “in the park HR”, it counts towards the same career count. How many “in the park” and how many “out side the park HRs” does Barry Bonds have? I see the “in the park HR” record as an honorable stat. If the “in the park HR” did not count towards the career HR record who would be the HR King? And who would be the “in the park HR” King?


Ivan Rodriguiz, Pudge?

All home runs count. It's a four-base hit.

Those who claim Bonds has zero inside-the-parkers, hang your heads in shame. Hating the man is no justification for lying about his deeds; that crap plays in politics, but baseball demands a substantially higher standard.

Once again, Baseball Reference knows the Truth. Click below to see Bonds' entire home run log, a surfeit of data that even the geekiest nerd cannot quickly chew up.

Bonds has hit three:
#32, 28-July-1987, off Rawley, against Philadelphia;
#336, 23-April-1997, off Glavine, against Atlanta; and
#371, 21-Sept-1997, off Hitchcock, in San Diego.

ITPHRs are rare, and typically require a defensive misplay or a well-placed drive against a shift. Heck, Bill Buckner once hit one in Fenway, when the outfielder crashed into and tumbled over the low right field wall. Just imagine Bucks -- late-career, seriously hurting Bucks -- hobbling all the way around before another player could get out there and throw the ball in.

Edit: I could easily see Ruth hitting a handful. He played in the Polo Grounds his first few Yankees seasons, he was still rock-solid muscular and lean, and the dead center alley was nearly 500 feet. Get a shot out there that rolls to the wall and he could easily have circled the bases ahead of the ball. Don't know if he ever did, but it's not at all implausible.

Aaron's records at BR.com only go back to 1957, but he only has one recorded ITPHR, #448 in 1967, and I vaguely recall once reading that he only had the one ever.

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Barry Bonds has zero "in the park" homers. Those generally are hit by little speedy guys, and are combined with the fact that the ball takes a wicked bounce off a wall out in the field, and the outfielder misplays it.

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in the park, out of the park, they all count the same.
I disagree with one comment you made.. the inside the park home run requires mistakes made by the opposing outfielders. rather it be a misplayed hop, etc. The traditional home run is completed soley based on your efforts to hit the ball.

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I can't imagine Barry's lazy as.s has too many

his nickname could easily be Trot

I don't think anybody has really hit enough to make a huge dent in their career totals
unless you go back to some lifelong Tigers who played in the old stadium.or some of the other older fields where insiders were more common.

I don't know who the Inside the Park King would be..but my guess is he played for the Tigers

Sorry.i can't give you any real numbers.as you appear to know.they're hard to find

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When it is all said and done, I think Jose Reyes will have the most INSIDE THE PARK HOMERUNS.

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an HR is an HR is an HR

an inside the parker is probably more difficult, especially for a power hitter

bonds has none because all the steroids are weighing him down

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no chance Barry Bonds have 1 "inside the park HR"...

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This is a great question! I have always been amazed to see an in-the-park HR, because it really requires hussle. While some will counter that it requires bad defense, if there are any errors on the play, it will never be counted as an in-the-park job.

Anyway, Baseball Almanac has a page on in-the-park stats. It has a list of 23 MLB'ers who have ever acheived 20+... Barry doesn't even feature. Sam Crawford in the all-time leader with 53 of those leg-it-out-for-360-feet type hits.

Take a look at the link below for in-the-park statistics fun

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Who the heck cares about Barry Bonds?! I don't care how many he hit! More than half of those are a result of the roids!

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I could not locate any data that says Bonds did or didn't hit an inside the park HR. While I cannot stand Bonds, it would surprise me if he didn't have one early in his career - he was a very speedy player, pre-steroids.

Sam Crawford who played 100 years ago is the all-time leader in inside the park HRs with 51. In the early 1900s the ball was wound differently and often there were no outfield fences so the ball just rolled and rolled.

The only way for a player to really get one is if the outfielder falls down, or the ball takes a tricky bounce in a corner with the outfielder going the wrong way.

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I don't know everyone thinks Barry wouldn't have any inside-the-park homeruns. He wasn't always the large power hitter he is now. I don't think he's hit any in the last ten years or so, but early in his career he was a base stealing threat with lots of speed. I don't see him having more than 5 or so, but to say he couldn't of ever hit one is crazy. With that being said there is no one totals this small would have any impact on who the home-run king is. Aaron might of hit a few, but I can't see the Babe having done it. The impact inside the parkers have had on the number of homruns hit is minimal. There are only a couple hit each year within the thousands of them hit over the wall.

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