Alex Rodriguez now holds a Yankee first..does this surprise you??

Of all the Yankee greats, no one has hit more home runs in his first 6 games than A-Rod, who has 5. Roger Maris had 4 in 1961. This may seem like an obscure stat, but seeing how so much pressure is on A-Rod, it may be a good sign. Is this surprising to anyone?


Does anyone know whatever happened to former Yankees pitcher Domingo Jean?

There is no doubt that he is a great player and has been for the yankees. He's won a MVP award and set the single season RH homerun record for the yankees.

But at this point, the only statistic that is going to matter in judging ARODs tenure in NY is how he hits in the LAST 6 games of the season, not the firstl

Is joe morgan as stupid as i think he is?

Mantle had 4 in 61 and Moose had 4 in the 1950's. I think ARod is awesome, and if the Yankee fans don't want/appreciate him, let him go be a star somewhere else.

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A-Rod is one of the game's great players and is showing that right now. That he can tolerate the stupidest fans in baseball shows that he is a great man as well as an athlete.

How fast does a good change up go?if the pitcher throws a 97 mph fastball?

No, it does not surprise me. Let's see what he does in the playoffs.He has choked for the Yanks the last few years in the playoffs. Tell him to save some of those homeruns for a Game 7!

Who else feels the catcher is the most important player?

A-rods got something to prove to all the butt head Yankee fans.

How can the Yankees get dontrelle?

No, Alex Rodriguez is a great player. This "stat" isnt a real important one anyway. Sure, he is an M.V.P candidate, but his team's pitching is spoiling everything.

All A-Rod wants is to get a World Series ring.

And if that means homering in every game, then so be it.

Anyone know if they have the montreatl expos? If not, want year they took it out of major league's, & why?

A-Rod is a diamond he is a perfect player and even when he comes to the yankees he can beat all there records i bet he will also beat barry bonds hr record once its set he is a beatiful player that has a bad team now with a tough crowd of fans and he i day come over to the mets side A-Rod.

Do you want barry bonds to get the home run record? why?

The fact that A-Rod has done something nobody in pinstripes has ever done doesn't surprise me at all.

This guy reached 400 homers faster than anybody in baseball history. He's a class act in a game tainted by steroids, and quite frankly, when all is said and done, this guy will have hit more home runs than anybody to ever put on a pair of cleats.

I really think Yankee fans boo him for the same sort of reason that a parent spanks their kids. Because we love him, and we want him to do better, and to succeed here.

Toilet paper?

It has, he is of to a tremendous start, I think he will be MVP, and hit over 50 homers.

Does Lance Berkman have a chance at breaking Hank Aaron and the Babe's record?

Rodriquez is a GREAT player and if people can't appreciate that, that's their problem. Would Yankee fans rather have Drew Henson at third base? The perception that a player will be ultimately judged by a handful of games over a long and spectacular career is ridiculous, misguided and more than a little short-sighted. Mickey Mantle hit .257 in the post-season. Willie Mays hit .247, Ty Cobb .262. To state the obvious, you're up against better pitchers in October. That's why they're in the post-season. Naturally it's going to be tougher to produce. (By the way, Rodriquez has a .280 post-season average.)

Some Yankee fans like to deride A-Rod because their team has yet to win a championship since he came to town. Of course the fact they hadn't won one in the 3 years prior to his arrival seems to matter little. These same fans dismiss his outstanding regular season stats by routinely saying he doesn't perform in the clutch. They'll point to a couple of instances when he made out in a key situation as proof. In baseball if you fail 7 out of 10 times, you're still considered a star. When it comes to A-Rod, these fans seem to forget that.

Personally, I don't see how anyone can dismiss regular season performance and the impact it has on a team's win-loss record. I wonder how many victories would've ended up as losses had Rodriquez not been on the field providing his "meaningless" production. There's no way someone can logically argue that 119 home runs, 357 RBI's and 349 runs scored over three years didn't contribute in a big way to a team's success. Post-season performance does count for something, but it's only a piece of the puzzle. And without regular season performance, be it in the first, fifth or ninth inning, there would be no post-season at all.

Baseball Question?

Best player in baseball, no matter what those idiot fans do to him.

I am about 6 feet and i am about 165, how fast should i be throwing?

The thing about A-Rod is this. Will he do it in October? Dave Winfield was called Mr. April for a reason. He eventually overcame it. Reggie Jackson was called Mr. October for a reason.

You can bat the live-long day all through the year, but if you fail to show up for the post-season, you have to expect loads of detractors.

Reguarding pitchers...?

its not really surprising to me because the fact of the matter is a-rod is one of the best hitters around. i was expecting him to have a fast start after a not so a-rod year. but nothing that a-rod does surprises me.

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I'm a Yankees fan and I like A-Rod. So what if he had a not-so-good season last year. That's in the past, this is a new season. So far things are going great for him. I am not surprised how well he is doing, he is a great player. Forget about last year and focus on this year and one game at a time.

What reserve catcher said his main contribution to St.Louis 1964 pennant drive was getting hepatitas?

That's all well and good but he need to focus more in the field.

I'm not surprised. He's always been good.

Last switch-hitter to win the AL MVP award?

AROD ROCKS!! Not a surprise at all. Sure he was a little rusty last season, but I think the Yankees are gonna pull of #27 this year!! GO YANKEES.

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Theres a reason why he is known for signing the richest contract in sports history. With his reputation and stats, I'm not surprised at all.

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