Any tips for improving pitching accuracy of 6 and 7 year olds?


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Practice, practice, practice. Set up a target in the yard and have them try to hit it. There used to be a toy called a pitch-back, where you would throw the ball at it and it would spring it back to you. That was great to use and fun because the ball comes back. My dad would put make a target using tape that I had to try to hit.

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seems kind of young to me

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If they still make them, get ahold of one of the old "pitchbacks". Its a metal frame with spring held netting on it. Let them start as close as they need to until they can consistently hit it in the middle, and move back 5 feet at a time, until they reach their pitching distance. It also helps with their hand eye coordination and fielding.

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That's young but a simple game of catch will always do the trick.

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Get one of the pitching nets where you can pitch and it will come back to you. Try telling them to throw first, so then at first they can just work on good aim. After, tell them to move their arms faster to get a food amount of speed. I think that if you tell them this and tell them to practice a LOT at home! Practice makes progress...not perfection, so just make sure that you don't push them too hard because they might get stressed out. Good luck, coach!

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Take a golf ball or something they can palm and let them pitch, but not to throw it that hard. Just try to get it in the strike zone. Then as they get better, startin throwin a little bit harder. After that move on to a bigger object, such as a tennis ball. Same steps and then use a baseball. Same steps as that and they should get better. Worked for me

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Practice and pratice. 1st you to show him how to throw the ball best thing to start out with is a 4 seam fast ball it goes more stright when you throw the ball than a 2 seam. 2nd you need to start him off at the strtech postion because wide up is to much movement. just keep practiceing and soon it will come

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yeah time, let them develop

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Are you kidding? Time.

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Time and practice.

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balls go where feet point-make sure his feet are pointed at the target and i don't know why your six and seven year olds are pitching

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At that age, 100% of what you should concern yourself with is proper mechanics.

Make sure they're striding right, pointing their toe at the target and getting good extension of the arm, and not throwing with their elbow.

At that age, if they can throw the ball straight, they're ahead of the game.

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