Anyone Else Going to Be Sad When Barry Bonds Breaks the Record?

If the mlb allows this cheater to continue on and hit 12 more homeruns to break the record then I will no longer watch or go to another mlb game as long as Barry Bonds is the homerun record holder. I know not everyone feels this much hatred as I do but it will truly be a sad day when baseball allows this to happen. How does everyone else feel on this topic?


Sox fans??

hell yea im going to be pist bonds doesn't deserve it

Do the Arizona diamondbacks have a chance at another championship?

Well as a baseball fan I say good riddance to you. Maybe its beacuse you're jealous of him being the best hitter that you'll see in your lifetime or the money he has made. He has never tested postive for steroids. Even Hank Aaron says he'll be happy for him if he breaks the record and it's innocent until proven guilty and so far it has never been proven that he did take steroids. So as I said before good riddance baseball doesn't need you as a fan.

Why do pleople like the Yankees so much?

I'm with you, I don't care for Barry Bonds very much and I think his is a cheater. It will be a sad day in baseball when he breaks the record.

Does anyone have an old Rogers Hornsby jersey or bat card they doont want that i can pay for ?

Yeah, I'm pretty ticked about it too. Hank Aaron earned his record the hard way. If Bonds truly enhanced his performance through steroid drug use, or other illegal substance, then he needs to be stripped of his homeruns and start from scratch. I think he indeed did something illegal, but they've yet to get enough on him to call it a "smoking gun." And it's a shame.

Why doesnt mike sciocia go with justin speier and scot shields and franki?

I won't be sad.

A-Rod will break Bonds' record in a few years.

Plus, I've given up on the "purity" of the game of baseball. It's a myth that doesn't exist.

Team with 2nd most world series wins all time?

Yes, I will be sad. No it has never been proven that Bonds has taken steroids, but it's generally assumed that he did, due to his increased performance at an advanced age in baseball, and his shocking change in appearance. Many people around Bonds have been arrested and served jail time such as Victor Conte, owner of BALCO, and Greg Anderson, Bonds's trainer. But Cheater Barry's supporters always hide behind the "he has never tested positive". Lots of players have taken performance enhancing drugs, but very few have tested positive. Giambi never tested positive, but admitted in court that he did. Bonds said he believed he was taking "flaxseed oil", which most believe was "the clear". Come on, the guy's a cheat.

And Henry Aaron is NOT happy Bonds is breaking the record. Why do you think he does not plan on attending the games when Bonds may break his record? Does that sound like a guy who likes Bonds and wants him to break his record??

I will continue to be a baseball fan, and root like crazy for A-Rod as soon as Bonds breaks the record. It may take until Bonds is done playing, but ultimately, he will be exposed for the cheater he is.

What hat will Mike Piazza have on his Hall of Fame Plaque?

News flash, they've ALL cheated! He just has to take the weight for everyone. I could care less if he breaks it or not, but these so called baseball purists and keepers of the game are just a bunch of hypocrites.

How come the Yankees suck?

If he hit homers off steroid-aided pitchers does it just cancel out? Just a thought...

Do you know what color Cal Ripkins hair was?

Actually no I wont be sad or angered or anything. Personally, I dont like Bonds. My opinion of him is irrelevant in this case I think. I see Ruth as the hr camp of his era, Aarron of his and Bonds in his. I wonder how Aaron or Bonds would havefaired against christy matthewson, or ed ciccotte or 3 fingered brown? I wonder if Ruth or Aaron could tee off on Clemens or Randy Johnson? (as a dbacks fan, I can attest that the big unit has given up more than youd think hrs to bonds.)

just adding a philosophical touch to the arguement, im sure someoe will bash me.

Where was the last game of the first World Series played?

A dark day for baseball it will be.

Which team do u think i like da best for baseball?

Ah Rocky, Hank Aaron is as disgusted as the rest of us and has refused to take part in any ceremony honoring this pathetic cheater. I hope he does it on the road and people boo him.

Why isn't the atlanta braves wearing red this sunday like they usually do.?'s going to be a historic day that I will share with my grandchildren someday.

Do I believe Bonds did Steroids? You bet.

Did that affect the distance he hit the ball? No doubt! (have you seen the size of that guy?)

Was it Ever...and I mean EVER...illegal? Not until last year and he's never tested positive.

Therefore, since Bonds' homeruns were hit within the confines of the RULES OF BASEBALL, then every single one should count.

Was it unethical? Sure. But if we threw out the records of every "unethical" player, then here's a short list of guys to toss out of the Hall of Fame: Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Tris Speaker, Mickey Mantle, George Brett, Nolan Ryan, and every other pitcher who ever used sandpaper, crisco, or sweat to get a few extra inches on a curve ball. Guess what...that's ALL of them. Every single one of these players took advantage of an ABSENSE of a rule in order to maximize their play. Then the rules changed and they changed to match the new rules. Bonds has done the exact same thing. If you want to blame someone, blame MLB for not coming down on steroids 20 years ago like they should have. "Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game"

If people stop watching baseball because of this, then so be it...that's one more ticket I can get for a game.

I say they should put a bust of Barry Bonds right next to Aaron and Ruth in the Hall of Fame...because no matter how many "enhancers" you take, there's no injection or pill in the world that can improve the hand-eye coordination required to hit a round ball with a round bat and make it fly into the stands.

It is the single most difficult thing to do in all of sports...and after more than 700 of them, it ain't the's talent. Go get it, Barry!

What do you think of the Brewers performance?

I know I will be. He's not worthy. He is a cheater and a liar. He doesn't deserve to break his home run record.

Did Daisuke Matsuzaka have a great game v.s. the Royals?

it will be a sad day in baseball is right. but please remember baseball is a team sport. a-rod can break the record in 10 years if he wants, but true is he will not own a ring in that period of time

As baseball players, should we really compare Barry Bonds to Hank Aaron?

Leave the man alone if you got pulled over for driving a car you cannot afford and they assume you are a thief or a drug dealer when you might have gotten the car from an inheritance then everybody would still accuse you of being a drug dealer. When the man tests positive for steroids we can all crucify him but until then the record should stand and be respected

Do you think Edgar Martinez should be elected to the Hall of Fame?

I wouldn't boycott baseball because of 1 player but the MLB really needs to do something about this.They need to put an asterik next to Bonds* name.Bonds*cheated and he knows it but he isn't man enough to come through and admit it.It will be a shame the day he hits 756.

Are any members of the Twins going to get an award on Saturday?

No i won't be happy, but I will not stop listening to a ball game.... you noticed that I said listening, that is what I'm more upset about the price to go to a game to see cheaters, and then not able to watch the game on Local TV with 98% of the games on cable or subscribtion

How many of bonds homeruns were on the juice?

It will be great!
Hell baseball don't need racist idiots like you!

What does "rubber" mean in a "rubber game?"?

i am not going to be as upset as most people because in my heart the homerun king will always be hammerin hank and no one will break his record ,without cheating, in my life

How do you calculate an E.R.A. in baseball?

The darkest day in Baseball ,post WW2, and in the 21st century. Shame on you Bud Selig , and The San Francisco Guants organization for letting this happen !

Who is the only player to hit two grand slams in the same week but on diffrent teams against the same team?

That Bonds allegedly took steroids is one thing. Amphetamines too. But the fact that he tries to cover it up is the disgrace. If he were to come out and say Yes, I used steroids, and Yes, I used amphetamines would be one thing. But he tries to hide it and cover it up. Babe Ruth had character issues that had nothing to do with how he played, but he was beloved as a baseball player. Aaron is a standup guy. But there's no way of knowing how else to handle the matter unfortunately. Records change, times change, people change, and the world itself changes. It's a shame it's just changed this way.

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