Alex Rodriguez is having a fantastic season both at the plate and in the field. Will he win a Gold Glove?

A-Rod is showing a quality defense at third base for the New York Yankees. Will the slick third baseman collect a Gold Glove Award for his defense this season?


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Alex is a phenomenal athlete. He will win MVP, Gold Glove and World Series MVP.

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I think he has a prett ygoof chance of winning the MVP

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i believe he is very capebale but he needs to make a few more stops in each game.just let loose.yes he will get one

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A ROD is my idol .. how he can ignore people doubting him and just letting those homers fly.. he definitely should and hes looking for an MVP too

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i think so and if he keeps hitting like this he will win mvp

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I don't think he'll be able to beat Eric Chavez for the Gold Glove. The voters tend to vote for the incumbent, and A-Rod doesn't have a very good history in the field. (24 errors and .937 field pct. last season) He is on a tear offensively and I think he'll win MVP easy if he keeps it up.

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It's much too early to tell. His natural position is shortstop, but he is playing a good third base. Much better than last year, at least to date. Gold glove material?? I'm not sure.


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Nope he'll never beat out Eric Chavez so much better defensively then A-Rod he made a so-so play today and the fox announcers acted like it was a hard play to make which it wasn't. A-Rod's defense will never give him a gold glove at 3rd as long as Chavez is there as well as Crede, Gordon, etc... are there. A-Rod wishes he could play D like Chavy.

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Eric Chavez of the A's is far better than A-Rod.

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