Anybody watching the yankee game!!?

wang is pitching a perfect game and its going into the 8th inning! do you think that he will throw a perfect game?


What's the matter with Daisuke Matsuzaka? except that he cant pitch!?

He's pitching a gem. 6 more outs to go.

Thanks sucks. Broussard broke it up.

Is b. bonds going to get the H.R. record?

was, what's the score? from a big red sox fan. lol

How much are my basball cards worth?

At least he didn't blow it small, like with a grounder that fans would wonder, for decades, if Jeter could have gotten to it.

How do I get into fantasy sports?

The Yankees have a pitcher? HaHaHaHaHaHa!
You New Yorkers crack me up!
Go Sox!

Red sox fans...?

I'm a Yankees fan and I was watching the game. After the first out of one of the innings, and before Broussard was up, I said, "It would be funny if someone hit a homerun". Guess what? Broussard hit a homerun a good thirty seconds after I said that. I blame that on me. However, he is still doing very well. Go Wang!! Go Yankees!! Go baseball!!

Babe Ruth is the Sultan of Swat, because he had nearly 4,000 less times at bat than Hank Aaron.?

I hope so!

Is 'Reva P' a hypocrite when she posts 'libelous' comments against Barry Bonds, yet accuses me of the same...?

I saw the game & while dissapointed he didn't get the perfect game I'm still glad they won. They need to start a good winning streak to get into the thick of things again.

There is speculation that the Giants will listen to offers for Barry Bonds if he breaks the all-time home-ru?


What should baseball do about so much inferior talent in the league?

sorry It got broken up as soon as I turned on the tube.


true fact: we have 3 pitchers better than Wang on our staff

Who like the N.Y. Yankees?

awesome isnt it? Too bad he didnt do it.

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