A question about Roger Clemens.?

Does anyone feel that his stats should have an asterick beside them if he only pitches half a season? Here's my point. He's already up there with histories greatest pitchers for a lot of stats. ERA, K's, etc. If he is always pitching fresh and only half a season, he should pitch well and get ever better stats. Whereas, most pitchers going the full season get fatigued and their stats lower a little. For instance, his ERA is currently 3.10. If he only pitches 100 innings this year and has a great ERA, it could lower his career ERA substancially. Not too fair for the guys grinding it out all season.


Who was the first Black player for the Chicago Cubs?

No, that's stupider than hell.

What is the lowest attendance for a baseball game?

You have a valid argument as far as I'm concerned.

What has Steinbrenner been smoking ?

I hate him.

What happened to Wilfredo Pujols?

he's just badazz

Is it wrong to be a fan of Albert Pujols just because his name is so cool?

I wouldnt rule out the fact that he should be tested for steroids if he signs. He is the perfect case....and has been in question in the past.

I agree with your agrument....one I havent heard yet..GREAT question/debate..!!

Slow pitch bat reviews?

Are you serious? Asterisks (which I am against in any situation) are what some people want for questionable records by alleged steriod users or because there are now more games played in a season. What's the difference between choosing to play half a season, or missing half a season due to injury? And as for lowering his ERA "substancially," he has over 4800 career innings pitched. Even f he went all season (your 100 inn) and didn't allow a single earned run his ERA would only drop to 3.04!!
Grinding it out all season. What a joke. The guy's a legend. He's been "grinding it out" for more than 23 years.

What is the record for most consecutive wins in major league baseball?

i dont feel that way. he is playing the game the right away and not doing anything illegally.

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