Anyone else SICK of ESPN's infatuation with Boston and New York?

Brewers have the best record in baseball, and all you hear on Baseball Tonight is Yankees this, Boston that, Mets did such and such. And even the Cardinals' having to deal with the "tragic" loss of Josh Hancock story is getting old especially given the facts that are surfacing. I'm sorry he died and sorry for his family, but when you drive drunk and die that's not a tragedy. That's stupid, and at least he didn't hurt anyone else, which would have been tragic.


What do you think of Tiger Stadium in Detroit? Should it be torn down? Is Illitch ripping off the taxpayers?

I'm a Yankee fan, and I'm sick of ESPN's infatuation with Boston and New York.

The part of the story that you're missing is this though: ESPN is ridiculously Red Sox-bias. Ridiculously. They obsess over the Mets and Yankees in part, because of it.

If you hadn't just told me, I wouldn't even have realized that the Brew Crew was playing good baseball. You never hear them even mentioned on ESPN. It's pathetic.

And the Yankees-Boston matchups are SO overblown and overcovered that it's not even funny. I've actually grown to despise playing against the Red Sox... because God... when did "The Rivalry" become so important? It's just another game out of 162.

Is Andy Hargrove of the Wisconsin Timberrattlers related to Mike Hargrove of the Seattle Mariners?

i know! i am SICK of it!
go BREW CREW!!!!!!!!!!...

Who is the greatest catcher of all-time?

Yes I am sick of it they both suck this year and I could careless if they fire anyone move on and tell us more about other small market teams that are doing well this year.

Are the lovable cubbies in for their 100th straight year with no world series?

Turn. It. Off.

What is a CBO in baseball?

I agree with you, there are a lot more teams then just NY and Boston!

Most games that teammates have homered in mlb history?

I watch ESPN like I watch Fox News Channel - I watch it for the stupidity and bias that it is.

On a baseball field, how long is the distance between 1st base and 3rd Base?

Its all about ratings.

If advertisers are willing to pay more for spots in their games, and more viewers demand to see them, then that is the way it is going to be until the Brewers win the world series or Milwaukee based advertisers are going to shell out more money.

Rod carew, george brett, or tony gwynn?

I agree with you on that one.
There's what, 32 teams or so in the league?
ESPN makes it seem like there's 3 or 4 teams in the league.
I'm sick of it!

All you hear is A-rod this, Manny that. It's getting old!

Now I understand that they probably cover what they think the majority of people want to see, but there ARE other teams in the league other than the Spankies and the Bo Sox!

Why do most baseball fans ignore the Oakland A's?

They should also be talking about the Cleveland Indians, who are also doing very well this year too.

What channel is the yankees game on tonight?

Because the Yankees and Red Sox have a HUGE fanbase across the nation and it makes sense to cater to the top media markets in the country. Also, the Red Sox are only one win less than your Brewers, so i can understand them getting some air time. I am sick of hearing about the Yankee's injury woes though.
ARich- how can you say they both suck? The Red Sox are one win less than the Brewers record. I guess that means the Brewers suck too, huh?

QUICK!...Who wins tonight, Yanks or Sox?

I agree with you, but I like the Yankee coverage a lot, since I am not from N.Y. Those teams are overly covered, yes.

Houston Astros?

Not really, no.

Try this. doc ellis the only pitcher to thow a no hitter on lsd?

Yes I am. They should talk about the Royals. They are in the same position (Last Place) as the Yankees and no one talks about them. Around the trade deadline, the headlines will read how the Yankees need to add a big bat or a starting pitcher. What do the Royals need? Everything! It would give them more to talk about if they included every team in the league. Also, more casual fans would pay attention if their teams were being showcased.

I seen somthing crazy the other day . ( Yankee v.s Red sox)?

I am screw boston and New york its great to see the yanks in last place!

With baseball just underway.?


And any death is tragic, no matter how it happens. Even if it is determined to be his own doing. Still tragic. If someone in your family and or close to you drove drunk and died, you would find it tragic, regardless who was at fault. To say its not is simply idiotic. RIP Josh Hancock. Quite frankly the end of that entire question was stupid.

Who will win the AL Central?

yes very much sooo,they act like they are broadcasting a playoff game instead of a regular season opener

Have baseball signed by 17Boston red sox from about 1975 trying to find out worth?

Let's just look at the geography where Bristol, CT is.. it is 2 hours away from NYC and about 2 hours away from Boston... There are a lot more television households there than in many other markets and ESPN is not a non-profit company doing this to bring news to people for the betterment of man.. they are about making money... Most times they blow off the west coast because things start too late there and even when they do their 11pm PT show things could still be in action.. so they have made the decision that they want to go where the cash is and with that have decided to make the Northeast the gold standard. It is unfortunate for the smaller market teams because they don't get the same pub and if a Brewer pitched a perfect game it would still be a second story behind a hang nail on the non-pitching hand of Curt Schilling or a boil on the rear end of A-rod.

Did A-rod get the game coverage when he was with the Rangers? I think not...

I can't agree with your comments about Hancock though.. it is stories like that (drunk or not) that are bigger than sports and the death of a player is always going to get more pub that an on field performance.. when Lidle crashed his plane they ran that over and over and over again... Yeah, it is tragic, but plenty of people die all the time.. the difference is famous people are much more important than you and me.

If babe ruth was alive today would he use steriods if he could?

omg i no

Why is it necessary to play a series in baseball?

Whats wrong with the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network (ESPN). We all know there are no other teams in baseball that matter that play their home games west of the Hudson river. And of course I want to hear every stupid detail and stat when Bos plays NYY, and how the lead story is how the worst team in the AL east made news yesterday by firing the conditioning coach.

I also dont care if Schillings sock had blood or ink or whatever it was 3 years ago who cares.

OK I think I have vented enough for 1 day.

When Boston won the World Series, was there really a newspaper headlined "Hell Freezes Over" ?

LETS GO REDSOX! If the Brewers carry this into the post season they might get some more attention. look at how many teams in the past have started out hot and died out when it really matters.

Got any good stories about the 1983 orioles?

i agree its almost the same as last year when the tigers were #1 but all they talked about was NY & Boston. Tigers were awsome last year. plus espn never recongizes some players who make really good plays and things because they aren't a BIG name or on a BIG team. know what i mean?

Whats better?

change the channel. you don't have watch the east coast channel(espn). I'm tired of them it's like they are groupies of the yankees and red sox.

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  • QUICK!...Who wins tonight, Yanks or Sox?

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