Any San Diego Padres Fans out there? Answer me this...?

How does a man like Brian Giles hit 30 plus Home runs for 4 staright years driving in ridiculous rbis and then all of a sudden can't even hit 20 hrs. he had 604 at bats last year and only hit 14 hrs. huh? Has he ever been accused of also being juiced up, using steroids? he obviously had to be doing something. Its not a coincidence that right after steriods became a major issue that he can't even hit 20 hrs anymore. he can still hit but he ain't knocking it out the park since san diego sigened him to big money. Even his brother Marcus is quite questionable.


Does it make sense to fire a "conditioning coach" due to on field performances by the ball-players..?

I think a lot of the problem lies with the stadium. It's been pretty well documented that Petco is NOT a hitters park. Ryan Klesko and Phil Nevin, among others have complained about the dimensions and what it takes to hit a ball out of the park there. It may also sway some power hitters away from signing with the Padres, as some guys like a Giles or a Klesko who came to SD off 30+ HR seasons have seen their power numbers drop. I'd be interested to see Giles' 06 HR numbers at home and on the road, but I imagine more of his 14 HRs came on the road. As a Pirate fan, Giles was pretty much our only solid player for a few years, and I never heard any steroid allegations or anything of that nature. Granted, anything is possible, but he doesnt seem the type. I think the ballpark has a lot to do with it. Take a look at some other current Padres then look back to when they played with previous teams. Petco lends itself more to gap to gap hitters than it does pure power guys.

Do you believe Craig Biggio has ever used human growth hormone to extend the length of his career?

it is suspicious

Who do you think will start for the all star game this year in SF? (not including pitchers)?

Take into consideration that Brian Giles turned 35 last year and he may just be getting old (although anything is possible)
baseball players usually hit their prime from 28-32

as for marcus,he has never been a power hitter here are his homerun totals: 9, 8, 21, 15, 11 and 1 so far this year

Why wont the cubs spend money to get more then one good player?

I would agree with the whole age idea and him getting old if his hitting had also dropped off. But he is still getting the same amount of hits now as he did when he was in pittsburg. I agree something is not right with this guy. Kelsko was an ok player and nevin was never that great of a hitter. It hasvery little to do with the park

Watching TV .is there a way to watch live TV like news from the bay area .?

I agree totally! I think anybody doing steroids should be kicked out for life and their records deleted from the record books! Baseball sure seems to be slow about doing anything about the problem!

Why aren't the Cardinals and Royals playing an interleague series this weekend in Major League Baseball?

he is not on the juice anymore

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