10 easy points...Which pitcher will have the most strikeouts tonight?

Minus the Min/Tex game of course


How much is this worth?

Sean Marshall - Cubs

Ian Snell - Pirates

What MLB pitcher has held opposing batters to the lowest batting average over his career and for one-season?

Bartolo Colon

Oliver Perez

What was the longest at bat ever?


How do i find the price of baseball cards?

Ian Snell - Pittsburgh
Freddy Garcia - Philadelphia

Do you think the White Sox have what it takes to win the 2007 World Series?

idk i dont watfch baseball

Do you know why there will be no beer sold inside PNC park?

Ian Snell & Ollie Perez...

Does anyone know any spanish websites that shows MLB games for free?

Ian Snell and Andy Pettitte.

"what qualifies as a "Save" for a pitcher in baseball?"?

Bartolo Colon. Coming of the DL and having rested that arm, he seems to be back to that Cy young year.
Curt Schilling by I feel is going to have a great outing against the Yankees tonight.

Baseball question!?!?

Oliver Perez(NYM) and Brad Penny(LAD)

What Percentage of Natural Born American are in the Major League Baseball?

Brad Penny - Dodgers v Brewers

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