After seein Philip Hughes's no-hit performance, do you think he'll ever pitch a perfect game?


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Any major league pitcher is capable of throwing a no-hitter and even a perfect game at any time. You can't predict when it will happen. The Yankees needed something positive to happen but unfortunately it didn't work out. I don't think the injury is too serious.

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It's just a minor hamstring injury, he'll probably be back sooner than the 4 to 6 week estimate.

As for a perfect game, lets not go crazy here. Roger Clemens never threw a perfect game. He never threw a no-hitter.

Throwing a no-hitter or perfect game is equal parts luck and skill. When you look at the list of guys who've done it, the majority weren't even -superstar- type pitchers. Just guys who had the day of their life.

Hideo Nomo threw what, two of them? Or was it three?

I'm not sure Hughes is going to be the control-type guy who can throw 9 innings without issuing a free pass... plus if he's going to attack the inner half of the plate, as pitchers with mid-90's stuff tend to, he's got a higher chance of hitting someone.

Probably not a perfect game, but he ought to throw more than a few shutouts.

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Not a chance.

It is incredibly difficult to pitch a perfect game. Nolan Ryan threw 7 no-hitters in his career, and yet, even he never threw a perfect game.

The fact is that, although Hughes will be around for a long time to come, to think that he will do something that less than .01% of MLB pitchers have ever done is rediculous. You need to have great control, the defense needs to play perfectly, and there is A LOT of luck involved. I can't remember how many times I've seen no-hitters or perfect games ruined by a bloop single or some other kinda cheap hit.

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One, he didn't pitch a no-no, he had one going. Two, Perfect games are an unbelievably hard thing to do. Though Phil Hughes could be a decent Major League pitcher, he won't be as big as he is hyped up. He gets this attention because he plays for the Yankees and their rotation is horrendous.

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Gotta pitch a no hitter before you can take credit for one. However, he may have a real no hitter in his future.

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1. He didn't even make it though 2/3 of the game w/ a no hitter.
2. Perfect Games are one of the rarest things to do (although the rarest thing is a walkoff, inside the park grand slam, which has only been done once, by Roberto Clemente) in baseball. Look at Beuhrle this year. He gave up 1 walk early on, then we find out by the end that was all it took to get a perfect game instead of a no hitter.

You can't say ANYONE is going to have a perfect game, just b/c it is so rare to have it happen.

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Didn't Huges already pitch a no hitter or a perferct game in the monors?

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Anything is possible but I'd first like to see him pitch a complete game.
The injury he has won't affect his pitching form so he should come back as good as he left.
Can't wait.

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yes I think he will. It is very interesting at the number of players that the Yankees have had pitch perfect games. I mean David Wells and Doc Gooden pitching perfect games at the points they were at in their careers. There have been more amazing things happen in baseball.

However I hope that he doesn't do it for at least 5 years. This will mean that he will have been able to get another year of AAA experience under his belt and have had the time to mature as a major league pitcher.

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He did not pitch a no-hitter. These Yankee fans are crazy!!

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Nope. Everytime he goes into his windup the pain he felt will be in the back of his head. He wont get anything over the plate. It will drive him right out of the game. But dont worry ESPN will still talk about him everyday like he is Cy Young just because he is a Yankee.

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Let's even see if the guy can throw a no-hitter first. Afterall he is only 20yrs old and has had 2 count em 2 major league starts. I would hate to see this guy turn into the next Kerry Wood. If stays healthy should have a great career.

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Its possible, the guy is a good pitcher. Perfect games aren't always a matter of talent though, they are one of the qurkiest things in baseball. Not everyone who throws one is great and not everyone who's great throws one. Any pitcher has a chance to do it if he's on that night and has luck on his side. Hughes has a bright future ahead of him, but don't think he will throw one because of how talented he is. It seems to be more based on the right guy at the right time kinda thing to me.

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It'd be great to see but don't put any money on it happening. Perfect games happen so rarely that they can almost be considered flukes. To say that Koufax or Randy Johnson have one would not surprise the casual fan, but Tom Browning, Len Barker and Mike Witt? No one could have seen those perfectos coming.
He should be a very good pitcher when he heals up. Just enjoy him if he reaches his potential.

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Why not, Nolan Ryan did it like 7 times!

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I think he has the make up to get it done as long as he can stay focused and not try to do it every time he goes out there.
He has to realize that it will come, but he can't be forcing the issue. Rather just focus on keeping his team in every game.

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Phil may not ever throw a perfect game, but I promise he will be a Major League All Star someday. I may be biased because I caught bullpens for him at Foothill High, but that kid has as great a work ethic as any and an arm blessed by God
I just hope that Torre sticks with him this year and keeps him in the rotation because this kid is ready to show the veterans how Santa Ana, CA plays ball!

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maybe who knows people make mistakes

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it too early to say, take a look at mark prior if phillip hughes is the next mark prior, which he does look like, then his decline will be starting pretty soon

go cubs

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Perfect Games of the Modern Era (Post 1900)

Pitcher Date
Cy Young (BOS) May 5, 1904
Addie Joss (CLE) October 2, 1908
Charlie Robertson (CHW) April 30, 1922
Don Larsen (NYY) October 8, 1956 (World Series)
Jim Bunning (PHI) June 21 , 1964
Sandy Koufax (LAD) September 9, 1965
Catfish Hunter (OAK) May 8, 1968
Len Barker (CLE) May 15, 1981
Mike Witt (CAL) September 30, 1984
Tom Browning (CIN) September 16, 1988
Dennis Martínez (MON) July 28, 1991
Kenny Rogers (TEX) July 28, 1994
David Wells (NYY) May 17, 1998
David Cone (NYY) July 18, 1999
Randy Johnson (ARI) May 18, 2004

With this incredibly short list of perfect games being thrown I would say it is very unlikely to select one pitcher and predict that they will throw one. By the way Dwight Gooden nor Nolan Ryan ever threw a perfect game (as stated in some of these postings)

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