Anyone going to the Cubs opener tomorrow? Excited as me?

Yea! I can't wait! Snow and all, it will be great! GO CUBBIES!


Pitching speed.?

i'm not going but i'll know that i'll be watching every second of it. i wouldn't miss it!I've always loved the cubbies and will always hate steve bartman! Let's hope the cubs can win it tomorrow! GO CUBS!

Are the San Francisco Giants a good team?

Another season of Cubs losing! I can't wait!

Is Andruw Jones the best defensive Centerfielder Ever?

i'm not going to see the Cubs, but i'm going to the Mets home opener tomorrow! LETS GO METS!!!

In your opinion, who are the best 5 active left-handed starting pitchers?!?


Milwaukee in the playoffs this year?

go cubbies...I wish I could be there but I have class tomorrow

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