Any red sox , yankees or mets - will make all star game?


Why isn't Manny in the Homerun Derby anymore?

Boston- 1B Papi
RP Papelbon
SP Beckett , Dice K has chance popular vote
OF Manny possibly, only because of popularity, he
does not deserve it at all this year, so far

Yankees- SS Jeter
3B AROD no brainer
RP Rivera
SP uhhhhhh, NO

Mets- SS Reyes is no brainer
OF Beltren is no brainer
RP Wagner
SP Maine is lookin good but i dont know if he will get
enough votes, record will have to be only 1-2 losses
3B Wright has enough time to turn it around, but he has
to do it quickly, chipper in atl, and cabrera in fla hot
aramis in chi as well

Whose your Favorite baseball team?

wow. lots will.

mets: reyes for sure, most likely wright and beltran too, gotta like john maine as a pitcher reserve too.

yanks: a-rod all the way, he'll start. jeter is in, posada is possible

sox: papi absolutely, jd drew im sure, beckett, paplebon, lowell with the high BA, and manny may be manny

This teams best hitter batting average is .262? Who is he and what team does he play for?

what he said ^^^

How much is a beer at angels stadium?

Cano, Okajima, Abreu still could (fan votes), Damon

Anytime you add the fans, it isn't about the best players.

The starting AL team last year, was Ortiz, Loretta (cano was injured) Jeter, A-Rod, Manny was injured, Damon and..

It was basically all Sox/Yankees

I hope John Maine makes the AS game.

Is the yankees in the national teams or american? I forgot.?

a lot of redsox pitchers will

Who will win the NL Cy Young this year?!?

You could probably make half the AL all-star team off the yankees and red sox.

What's up with this quote from ichiro?

Beckett, Ortiz, A-Rod, Jeter, Reyes, Beltran

How Many of you out here are Cardinals fans?

Ortiz and Ramirez are locks for the Sox. Papelbon will probably go too. And Matsuzaka will likely also get in.

Jeter and A-Rod for sure for the Yanks, maybe Pettitte and possibly Mariano Rivera. Also, Johnny Damon.

As for the Mets, Reyes and Beltran should go. So should Wagner. It's hard to imagine them not having someone else go too.

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