Andrew Jones and Sandy Colfax?

Question:This morning the Mike & Mike show said that Andrew Jones was the most over rated center fielder ever in baseball and that Sandy Colfax was the most over rated lefty ever in baseball.

I disagree on the Andrew Jones comment I believe he was at one time the best in the game not now of course. But I don’t know about the Sandy Colfax comment.

Your thoughts on both please.


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Yes, I saw the show and agree 100%. Jones is so overrated it's not funny. A good fielder? Yes. An outstanding fielder? No. Take into consideration that although he has a fair number of home runs, his lifetime batting average is just that, "average". I think Jason Stark was right on the money.

As far as Sandy Koufax is concerned, 6 great seasons doesn't make him "one of the greatest pitchers of all time". He never came close to winning even 200 games much less 300. He was very good as his hall of fame membership win show but to put him on top of the mountain is just plain crazy. Way overrated.

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I feel like that's an unfair comment for Andruw Jones. He's just in a bad slump at the moment. I went to the Braves/Mets game last night and he had a pretty good showing... it was a big relief after his 5 strike outs on Sunday. He's not as hot as he once was... but he'll get out of his slump.

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i dont c how jones can b considered underrated i mean he started playing in the leauge when he was like 18 or 19. Hes never been a great average hitter but always had alot of pop plus great speed and defense. Hes good

colfax i cant say cuz i never saw him play.

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It's spelled Koufax and I saw him pitch many times growing up in LA. If not the very best he was most certainly one of the greatest pitchers to ever play the game and his record says it all. During a four year period in the early 1960's he may have been the best ever with four no hit games. When he was on his game, which was most of the time, it was never a question if he would win the game, it was just a question if the other team would get a hit. Many of the greatest players to ever play the game, Bench, Aaron, Morgan, Schmidt, Rose, and many others that faced Koufax say he was the best during his prime. His fastball was 100mph and maybe the best curveball ever. He pitched 300+ innings per year too many times and his arm could not hold up which ended his career early. Koufax was one great pitcher.

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I agree with what Stark said, he made very good points. He wasn't saying these ballplayers are bad just overrated.

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I think Sandy Colfax pitched for my little league team. She was the best girl pitcher we ever had but she was still overrated.

Sandy Koufax, on the other hand, was amazing.

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Some people will say anything to create a bit of controversy. It's particularly common on talk shows.

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Mike and Mike are stupid. Koufax had to be the greatest lefty of his time. Andrew still is one of the greatest center fielders playing today. He saves more extra base hits and home runs than anyone out there. He doesn't mind eatting turf.

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It's Sandy KOUFAX!! And, yes, he was one of the greatest pitchers ever in baseball. Andrew Jones is the best center fielder NOW and in the past. Mike and Mike are all wet and just want to start controversy so their show will continue on the air.


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i just want to see the glass cabinet that AJ keeps his... umm... 9?? Gold Gloves in...
how can anyone say he's overrated...

as for Koufax, he was the best lefty of his time, to throw 300+ IP in 5+ seasons... and 4 no-no's in one season... come on... ya gotta give him props for that!

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The only thing in the public arena more insipid, more inane, more worthless than talk radio, is sports talk radio.

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