Am i really so offensive that i need to be eliminated ?


Where can I get the Pittsburgh Pirate theme song " a new pirates generation"?

Not at all. And i am suprised that the same people coming after you, havent gone after the Celtics logo. He is a smoker lol

Can somebody please help me with an OLD baseball card? 1913 T200 Chicago Americans?

I'm from Ohio, so no

Rule Question?


Did Alex Rodriguez make a deal with the devil? If not, what do you think is responsible for his turnaround?

Only to Canadians - and with the exchange rate a Chief is only worth a Brave.

Is there anywhere online where I can watch the RED SOX opening day game?

If the people we nearly wiped off the face of the earth 100-200 years ago say they are offended, that's good enough for me. They're not animals like Dolphins or Bears or ahem.. LIONS. They're people, so why do we need to mess with them?

I mean, what's the difference between calling a team the Redskins and calling a team the Blackskins or the Yellowmen?

Mets game tonight?

No, you are an icon and will last forvever! I heart you Wahoo!

Baseball in florida may 07?

No. In fact, I love your bright smile. Your teeth look great. Great promotion for healthy teeth. You are a great symbol and not offensive at all.

Can Nate Robertson get some run support today?

No, It's all in the eyes of the beholder, its just a simble and should be taken that way.

Under ASA softball rules, does an umpire have to audibly call an infield fly, or is a hand motion sufficient?

No your a Tribe fan.No Tribe fans are offensive.Go Tribe!

OK the yankess should trade Arod for Ryan Howard.what do you think?

Lets go Mets 2007 Champions

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