Any MLB games broadcast online?

Wanting to know if there is any way to watch any MLB games online. I have cable because my apts do not allow satellites, So all I get are Texas Ranger games. Anything out there or is Directv the only option..?


Where else can I get play by play freeBaseball besides or on a computer?

Go to and buy a package. There is a regular package in which all games are available and are broadcasted in 400k. The premium package includes many neat features including a way to watch up to 6 games at once and broadcasted in 700k. (blackouts apply to both packages)

Advice on baseball?

go to There is a comprehensive package there which will let you watch all out of market games

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You are able to watch any game online, but it will cost you some money.

Just go to the teams website (whoever you want to watch) and there should be some link somewhere that asks you if you wish to watch live online.

If your talking about some other random games like what they air on Fox or ESPN, then I suggest got to MLB.Com

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there is a free way you can watch them
It's P2P and its live

go to:

and then you should figure it out

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How does one find out what where MLB umpires are scheduled on a daily basis ?

yes there are games on line

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