Any forcasts for the Chicago cubs this year. They are heating up!?

Question:Serious answers please. Please do not just answer for a quick 2 points. Thanks!

i would like good comments(pro or con) , stats, feelings ect.


Do the red sox have a chance at sweeping the jays and yanks this week?

the cubs have scored way more runs than theyve allowed so far this season. they should have more wins right now. thats why i'd have to believe this team is good and will be over .500 soon

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they will finish second in their division

How about those Pirates?

the cubs have no prayer....the only race they will even be in will be to see if they can finish 500 or will be close. Derek Lee is very very solid and has a better chance of hittting .400 than the cubs do of making the playoffs...sorry but hey you got derek to root for.

If you already have tickets to a game, but want to take yankee trails for transp. can you sel them ur xtra tix

Remember this is coming from a Cubs fan here I think they have a legitimate chance of winning the central but thats it the pros we play in the NL Central the cons we somehow find a way to choke every year i do not think the Beermakers (Brewers) can keep it going GO CUBBIES!

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Cubs might not win, but they are going to do good. They have gotten Alfonso Soriano as a good leadoff hitter. He can produce homeruns and Stolen bases. Right now, he is off to a slow start, but he is getting better. But not as good as he was last year! They also have gotten Rich Hill! He is the best pitcher they have had throughout the years! He is on fire and is the main man for the cubs in the next few seasons! Although they have Wood, Prior, and a couple other Excellent pitchers on the DL. But if they can hold on for the next month or so, they should be fine. Then they will have guys off the disabled list. Hopefully they become healthy before then! Hope i have helped :)

How many home runs do you think a-rod whill hit this season?

If games were seven innings, they'd probably be the best team in the majors right now to this point. They've blown so many games late this year and that's why they're not leading their division. They can win this if Dempster turns things around, if a setup man who can get them through the 8th inning emerges, and if Hill can continue to pitch the way he has so far. This isn't like last year where they struggled to get over 2 runs in a game. The lineup is potent enough to hang up some crooked numbers on the board, but they have to figure out how to hold those one-run leads for the last six outs.

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They have enough talent to win the division as long as everyone stays healthy because they don't have a whole lot of depth. I can't see Mil. keeping up the pace they are on, thay have good young players but their pitching won't hold out all year. Houston, Pitt, Cincy don't appear to have enough all around consistent talent to win either. StL. seems to have lost the desire to play, even before the death of Hancock, They might come out of it, and if they do, they have the talent to make a run at the division. As in so many other years, the division title is the Cubbies' to lose. I think they do have to win the division to get in though because they probably won't have enough wins (my guess 90-72) for the wildcard.

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the cubbies are now a winning club, unlike the digustingly lousy yankees, and will win the series this year, and all cubbie fans will go to heaven!


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