Accept or reject? Dan Cabrera, Gary Sheff, Ryan Zimmerman for Juan Pierre and Ichiro?

Question:I have pierre and ichiro and i've been looking to trade them for quite awhile, but i have been unsuccessful. now i've been offered d. cabrera, g sheff, and r zimmerman for the two.

should i take it and run? or reject?

i dont really like pierre and ichiro is not stealing anymore for some reason. what do u think?


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Take it. You will be fine without the very light stats that Pierre and Ichiro provide throughout the year.

Any informationg will be greatly appreciated!?

Ichiro isn't having that good of a season so far, and Pierre is doing so so. I would take the trade in hopes that Sheffield stays good, and Zimmerman gets hot. To me it's a pretty even trade.

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Zimmerman and Cabrera are free agents in some leagues now because of how much they are struggling. Id keep Ichiro right now he will pick it up.

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if you have plenty of steals, buy low on Sheff and Zimmerman. If you need steals more than power, though, keep Ichiro for sure because he will start stealing again, but you should still trade Pierre because he can't hit for average or power.

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By all means ACCEPT!! Two great hitters!!


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go for it.

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