After about a week of baseball what do you think?

Question:What teams have impressed you?
What players have impressed you?
anything you didnt notice at the begining of the season?


Why is the end of a baseball bat "scooped" out?

impressed- the mets killed the cards...
player impressed-xavier nady and nick swisher...
umimpressed team-cardinals and astros
unimpressed player- adam LaRoche and andruw jones

Player resembles brendan donnelly pitching motion?

one the pirates are outstanding....surprisingly but they will go down the toilet soon.two miguel cabrera, he is on my fantasy team and is rated #2 in baseball!

Tampa Bay Devil Rays.?

It's too soon to tell

Who should the Dodgers get to fill there power void?

Its still to early in the season to make any judgments about anything that has happened so far. You should ask this question again after about a month. After about 30 games, I'll be judging my team, but not right now, just hoping for a good start.

Does any one have any tips on pitching?

I'm only concerned with my team. And right now things don't look so good.

On a scale of 1-10.5, how bad do the yankees suck?

Ask me again at the All-star break.

Where can I find the old skool baseball dress uniforms for woman?

I think the schedule maker screwed up big time.

Let's see, 5 teams in California, 1 in Arizona, 2 in Texas, 2 in Florida, and 4 northern teams with domes, and except for Houston, every one of these teams opened either on the road or by hosting another warm weather team.

It's less than a week into the season, and there have already been 5 games canceled because of cold/snow. What do I think? I think it's time for a wake-up call for MLB.

Why dont the red sox have Promotions?

I think the Cincinnati Reds have looked very impressive so far! There pitching,hitting and defense have been very solid! Really playing team ball!

How many baseball games do you plan on attending this year?

The Twins looked very good.

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