A question regarding base-running?

Question:Let's say, speedy base-runner is on 1st with no-out. I am a hitter. And I hit a pretty fast line drive diretly toward 2nd baseman. But he dropped a ball on purpose ( tapped w/ glove to stay in front of him). A runner on 1st is only 2-3 steps away from 1st, so 2nd baseman threw to SS(who is on 2nd)which makes it 1 out, then he threw to 1st to make it double play.
Is this liegal in the baseball? If the umpire rules it illegal, how can they determine if 2nd baseman did it intentionally or not?


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It's an illegal play. The ball is dead, the batter-runner is out on the "catch," and the runner returns to first.

Those who say otherwise have no clue what they are talking about. Notice they don't cite a rule.

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no its not illegal

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illegal on a pop fly, but not on a line drive.

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it's not illegal.

it was determined that if the second baseman drops the ball, the batter should have sufficient time to reach 1st.

Though when there are runners on 2nd AND 1st, then the infield fly rule is in effect, and the batter is automatically ruled out.

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I don't hink it really matters! I think playing any sport takes strategy and if he got the double play by blocking the ball instead of catching it for just one out then I say More power to him. Smart play!

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sure dude. it was a very smart play..

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This is really up to the umpire. He has to make a decision whether or not he thought the drop was intentional. If he does think it was intentional he should call it a dead ball, call the batter out and the runner remains at first.

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You are essentially asking about the infield fly rule.
The infield fly rule takes effect when there are runners at two bases and there are less than two outs in the inning. In this situation, rule can be implemented if the ball is hit into a fly ball and the batter is then called out before the ball even comes down. Line drives do not apply, but what is a line drive and what is a fly ball is up to the umpire.
So if there is only one man on base, the infielder can choose to catch or drop a line drive.
This usually isn't a good strategy to try for the double play. Most often, the base runner at 1st base will be doubled up by throwing to 1st base after catching the line drive and forcing him out for not tagging up. Or if the infielder decides to try dropping the ball on purpose, the extra time it takes to drop, pick up, flip to 2nd base and throw to 1st base will be enough time for the hitter to beat the throw.

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the Umpire used his judgment to call an infield fly rule on the line drive. He was a better man then most cause some wouldn't have done that. You can't determine if he did it on purpose or not but calling the infield fly rule save the offense form that.

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This is perfectly legal. It doesn't matter if he does it on purpose or not.

This sort of thing is the reason for the infield fly rule when there are runners on first and second or the bases loaded.

The umpire can call infield fly with first and second, or the bases loaded on a popup in or around the infield. The hitter is automatically out. The baserunners do NOT have to advance, but can at their own risk.

This was done because on a popup, guys would intentionally drop the ball and use it to create an easy double or triple play depending on the situation.

However, with only a runner on first base, it's perfectly legal to drop the ball and try to turn the double play.

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it doesnt matter if it is intentional or not. it is only one out.

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Intentionally dropped ball -- Rule 6.05k
Batter out, runners returned to base occupied at time of pitch.
Any time the infielder manipulates the ball downward it should be ruled in this manner.

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