A question about mascots?

do the yankees even have a mascot? i mean i have watched games on tv when the sox are in the bronx, but they never show a mascot for the yankees.


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Historically all baseball teams have had a mascot with the exception of the yankees. The yankees never instituted a mascot because they called their fans their mascots. However it wouldn't be unusual for you not to notice a mascot even if they had one. Most professsional baseball teams no longer use a mascot.

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no...i have been to yankee stadium for a sox and yankees game and im pretty sure they do no have a mascot

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If u think that the yankees dont have a mascot, then u are sadly mistaken. Think of their name. They represent america. The fans (yankees) are the mascots.

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It's a huge Benjamin!

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The yankees don't have a mascot. THis is because they think they are "so good" and that they just have so many fans all ready, they don't need one.

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No. Don Zimmer retired a few years ago.

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No we don't, only the BIG CRY babies of baseball have one,,That Stupid Green Monster at Fenway park what a Laugh!,,That silly guy dressed as a baseball head for the Mutts! We don't need one Our mascot is the good ol US Of A!!!

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