Do you think the whiny sux and Cubs should trade stadiums?

Wouldn't it be funny if the whiny sux had to play all their home games at Wrigley Field?


Is John Maine for real ?

That is probally one of the funniest thing I've heard all day!!

How much would you bue 2000 baseball cards for?

Funny?? No it would suck. I don't want some frat boy on his cell phone sitting in front of me waving into the camera, especially since most of these idiots do not even know where the camera is. Or the strikezone. Yuppie loser Cub fans. Might as well move them out to Kane County while you are at it.

Who is considered to be the best to ever play the game of baseball?

I love it when you get on a roll, :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))...

What is the difference between Latin American baseball stadiums and United States stadiums?

Man get a f**king life you post more crap about the sox then your dnam team, envy thats all you got.

I know what a double play is in baseball but what does it mean when they say it's a 6-3-4 double play ?

Uhhhh no. Comiskey Field is fit for the whiney sux because it is a horrible stadium! Get it?

The Yankees are the best team in the history of sports. Is A-rod the best player in the history of baseball?

That's like forcing the Red Sox to play all their home games at Yankee Stadium. Can you imagine how confused the fans would be? Without their names on their uniforms how in the hell could the Red Sox fans ever figure out who was who? As we all know they are not the sharpest tools in the shed!! OH, did I say something I shouldn't have? lol (I just had to Zing my friends from Beantown)!

Who should the St. Louis Cardinals starting second baseman?

The White sox wouldnt even do good I am sorry but I am not a fan of any chicago and I think that both teams wouldnt be good even if they changed home fields with anyone in the MLB.

With all the negative things that people say about Barry Bonds, does anyone ever think about his kids?

This question is dumb and makes no sense...

If this is typical of the Detroit education system, then Detroit should be ashamed.

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